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Rec: The Erlking of Bergdis Valley
Summary: When a witch’s son finds himself on the losing side of the war, he makes a deal with the devil to protect his twin, resulting in his being trapped in a forced marriage. Now, a spate of murders implies a new conspiracy is afoot, one that threatens all he has left.

Review: It is not as dark as the tags would have you think.

The story takes time to unfold, and might be confusing at the start, but by the second chapter you will not be able to put it down. Very original, fascinating world and interesting characters! Author received way to little praise for such a gem.

Go check it out, definitely worth your time

P.S. It is a WIP, but the author published other complete stories, that i am in the middle of reading
!dark  !fantasy  !stockholm.syndrome  !dubcon  !noncon  !magic.users  !slash  fiction  free  status:wip  rating:mature  length:novel 
july 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: His Happiness
Summary: Raynes finds a letter possibly written by his late wife, and Arden follows him on a journey that may change the way they see each other, and themselves. Can they face their nightmares together or will they let despair swallow them whole?

Review: Starts off with too many vibes from Silent Hill but steers itself in another direction. If you wanted gay horror, this would be something that could be worth following.

Technically, this is a self-promotion, but I am rather proud of how I’ve written it so far but I’d love to hear a supporting or counter-argument. I’m invested in trying to dig into my own creations, and I’d like to hear it from an outside source whether I do the job right or not.
by:thecalimack  length:novel  rating:mature  status:wip  free  fiction  !slash  !bisexual  !abuse  !dark  !demons  !fairytale/mythological  !drama/angst  !jocks  !hurt/comfort  !geeks/nerds  !friendship  !love/hate  !marriage  !paranormal  !religion/spirituality  !romance  !mental.disorder 
may 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Child of the Night
Summary: In fifteenth century Transylvania (Wallachia), Prince Vlad Tepes Draculea rules with a bloody, iron fist. His method of dealing with enemies, both personal and political, has earned him the name of The Impaler. Though he has bedded many, Draculea’s heart has never been touched, until he seeks a bride.He chooses a young noblewoman, but it is not she who captures his heart. Instead, he falls in love with her bastard half-brother, Nicolae. After winning the boy over, he is happy, for a time. Then tragedy strikes. Draculea willingly takes on the curse of vampirism to await the rebirth of his lover.

Centuries later, Draculea meets Jonathan Harker, a naive young Englishman who bears a striking resemblance to his lost love. Convinced that he is his beloved Nicu’s reincarnation, Draculea sets out to take him, no matter what… or who stands in his way…

Review: So I read this fiction a long time ago, like back when I was still living with my mother and I had to hide my computer screen every time she came close. And there was reason enough to hide it, too. There is a LOT of sex in this read, but don’t let it dissuade you. The writing is fantastic, and it has a great storyline.

Mod Note: Sadly, this work will never be really completed. Scribe Mozell (real name, Fanny Feazell, died in March of 2014. She had published a first volume of the work (available on Amazon) and was editing a second volume when she passed away. I guess the work could be considered both finished and unfinished – she had a published volume, (which is very highly rated on Goodreads) but was still working on the series.
fiction  free  published  by:scribe.mozell  status:wip  rating:mature  length:series  length:novel  !slash  !royalty  !vampires  !dark  !drama/angst  !fairytale/mythological  !historical  !romance 
may 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Heartless
Summary: Bailey lives in a world where vampires are real, and not everyone’s happy about it, least of all him.

Because of a law introduced before his birth, Bailey is a donor, the one person from his family who has to live in a vampire’s compound, and provide them with blood. A life sentence in all but name. Bailey was eighteen when he first came to a vampire’s home, leaving his brother and sister behind, and, six years later, he hasn’t seen the outside world since.

When Bailey is bought by a rich, incredibly old vampire, and moves to a new house, he finds that not all vampires are the same, and his new boss, Cohen, is not what he’d thought him to be at all.

As Bailey begins to feel an attachment growing between him and the vampire he serves, he also becomes aware of the disappearance of donors, and witnesses hideous executions as the terrorist group The Martyred Lamb fights to eradicate vampires, and all humans who sympathise with them.

And then there’s the question of what really happened to his family…
fiction  published  by:sarah.goodwin  status:complete  rating:mature  length:novel  !slash  !age.difference  !dystopia  !love/hate  !paranormal  !rich.guy/poor.guy  !servants  !vampires  !contemporary  !dark  !drama/angst  !modern.fantasy  !romance  !scifi 
may 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: ShootAround
Summary: When a zombie apocalypse hits during the practice of a high school basketball team, it’s a whole new life for the coach, Jeff. The world’s turned upside down and the girls seem to be handling the changes way better than Jeff, who has troubles adjusting. A close-knit group of friends, the girls are eager to tackle this new world with its challenges!

Review: Oh, god so I just binge-read this from episode 1 - 88 in a night. At first the humour carried me through the initial rough art/logic patches, but soon all sorts of different aspects just started shining through, and of course the art quality has a clear trajectory from pretty good to wow… wow. 

SO! Every episode has at least one laugh out loud line, and every character has her moment to shine. And they’re all so great? Like it’s honestly very difficult to pick favourites because they all have amazing depth, compassion, pathos, and they each bring a distinct energy. The core cast all clearly deeply cares for each other and their dynamic keeps the comic light at heart even when very genuinely awful things are happening. But there are also harder, darker moments that are part of growing up and part of dealing with daily violence.

As the comic develops, the cast and setting widens and becomes more complex. This is one of the stories that becomes increasingly interesting while still retaining its core charisma. 

ALSO, the character design is gorgeous even from the start. The cast is racially diverse (like REALLY, I think there’s only one white girl in the main cast of 7), and includes disabled and trans characters. There’s also a broad range of sexualities. So, in other words, the character stats reflect real life. :) 
!slash  !femslash  !bisexual  !transgender  !action/adventure  !dark  !amnesia  !disability  !drama/angst  !fluff  !friendship  !humor  !hurt/comfort  !jocks  !poc.main.character  !post.apocalypse  !teens  !zombies  by:suspu  webcomic  free  status:wip  rating:teen 
may 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: In the Morning of the Times
Summary: Oscar is a thief making his way on the streets of London, until his most ambitious scheme lands him in the dungeon after he is caught stealing from the king himself. Saved from the chopping block but sentenced to service, he is slowly drawn in by his mysterious jailer Wamba, whose smile hides a multitude of secrets. As their relationship grows closer, shadows of Wamba’s past emerge, threatening them both, and Oscar must choose between the loyalties of his old life and the promise of a new one.

Review: The story is inspired by Ivanhoe, but mostly OC and I didn’t know almost anything about the novel and still enjoyed the story very much. It’s a great love story set in the Middle Ages. Really sucks you into the time period. Some dark themes including torture and rape. The sex scenes are hot without being raunchy and they are in character. Author is writing a sequel now.
by:arrested  length:novel  rating:ultra.mature  status:complete  fiction  free  !abuse  !slash  !age.difference  !dark  !drama/angst  !historical  !hurt/comfort  !knights  !noncon  !romance  !royalty  !slavery 
march 2016 by TheSlashPile
Summary: (M/M & F/F, mature themes) It’s a cold winter night when Holden is approached by a strange girl, offering him a hot cup of coffee and a place to spend the night. Desperate to get off the street, if only for a night, Holden agrees. It soon becomes clear that Layla and her brother Corbin are not your average hosts, then again, Holden is not your average guest…
!slash  !modern.fantasy  !hurt/comfort  !mental.disorder  !drama/angst  !dark  !coming.out  by:tdkeh16  length:novel  rating:mature  status:complete  fiction  free 
march 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: What He Left Behind
Summary: Can you ever have a second first time?

Josh Carver thinks it’s just another lunch with his best friend, Michael—until Michael confesses he just turned down a date with his hot veterinarian crush. It seems Michael’s abusive ex left him more scarred than Josh realized.

Josh and his husband, Ian, have done their best to help Michael leave his horrific past behind, but even Josh is stunned when Ian suggests that Josh help Michael with his fear of physical intimacy. After all, it isn’t like it would be the first time—Josh and Michael were once each other’s firsts.

A hesitant first kiss, and Josh and Michael’s natural attraction eases the way. But with Michael still balking at the prospect of sex with someone new, Ian steps into the breach.

Everything is fine and dandy until emotions become so entangled, their friendship—and a marriage—could be at risk.

Review: Beautiful. There is no other way to describe the re-awakening of Michael through the love and care of his best friend (and eventually, his best friend’s husband). The story focuses on the developing intimacies between these men and it’s like watching a flower slowly bloom. At times, the intimate scenes between characters flow so rhythmically, they read as poetry. I couldn’t put this down once I started it.

It should be noted that while the theme of this book involves PTSD from intimate partner violence, it is never overwhelmingly focused on. (For those looking for trigger warnings)
by:l.a.witt  status:complete  length:novel  rating:mature  fiction  !slash  !abuse  !contemporary  !dark  !drama/angst  !erotica  !established.relationship  !first.time  !friendship  !hurt/comfort  !marriage  !mental.disorder  !noncon  !poly  !romance 
february 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Without Accident
Summary: Negotiation is easier by email.

A lot of things are easier by email. Breaking up with Katie was easier by email, talking to professors is easier by email, fuck, interacting with his caseworker is occasionally easier by email, something which the woman thankfully realizes, even if she doesn’t always let him get away with it. Keeping up with the old team. Avoiding his old command chain. On a bad week he can run most of his life by email, and reserve his energy for the labs, the lectures, and work.

But right now, that’s not the point. Right now, it’s negotiation that’s easier by email.

Review: Oh my. This is very beautiful to read in a kind of heart rending way. Yes it’s brutal, but there is such a raw emotional intensity and beauty to Jace’s thoughts that it really does drag you in.

If you enjoyed this, there are great many other works by this author, but they can be hard to find as she is scattered around under a number of different names. I wish there was some sort of master list.
fiction  free  by:found.feather  length:novella  status:complete  rating:ultra.mature  !slash  !assassins/hitmen  !bdsm  !college/university  !hurt/comfort  !incest  !mental.disorder  !military  !dark 
february 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Starfire
Summary: When the police rule his lover’s death a suicide, Xavier doesn’t know how to go on. But it’s not up to him. Because Al was keeping secrets, and when friends Xavier never knew about come knocking, things go from tragic to apocalyptic.

There is a war that’s been fought from the beginning of time, between gods and monsters, myths and legends. The battlefields are worlds, dimensions, the darkness between stars, space and time. Humans have never fought in this conflict, too weak to be of interest to either side.

That’s about to change.

Review: The worldbuilding in Starfire is amazing; the story involves several worlds tied together by a legend about the universe, and they all feel very distinct and believable to me. Siavahda really loves to put a lot of depth and detail into the worlds she writes and it shows in the vivid descriptions and really small details. The writing is so beautiful and I really get the sense that these are rich and complicated and real cultures especially since the POV isn’t limited to the main character. I also really like that characterization and relationships aren’t neglected in favor of plot or worldbuilding. I think Xavier is a very compelling main character–the way he processes grief and and how he manages to deal with being pulled into this conflict that he knows nothing in worlds he never knew existed really struck me.

It’s an epic fantasy with a very diverse set of characters and a plot that I can’t even begin to predict. Siavahda is one of my favorite writers and this is one of my all-time favorites. Highly recommended. 
by:slavahda  fiction  free  rating:mature  !slash  !action/adventure  !aliens  !dark  !fantasy  !magic.users  !poc.main.character  !religion/spirituality  !travel.between.worlds  !vampires  !war  status:complete 
february 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Specter’s Gamble
Summary: Desmond is an assassin who is on the top of the list when it comes to his line of work. He is the one people would call in dire need to get rid of someone; he is one of the best. One night, however, Desmond meets his match…

Review: There are five stories in this serie,s and they are all equally good. My favourite is “The Year of the Salamander” though. I confess that’s purely because of the kink. This is an engaging, though dark series with interesting world building. I very much recommend this series.
fiction  rec  published  free  by:katya.dee  status:complete  length:novel  rating:ultra.mature  !slash  !abuse  !criminals  !assassins/hitmen  !magic.users  !paranormal  !dark  !modern.fantasy  length:series 
january 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: The Quiet Within
Summary: Life as Eoin knows it changes in the course of one day.

With his village under attack Eoin’s mentor, the mage, Jaeger, sends him on a quest to right a wrong done long ago. Eoin doesn’t have the same faith in his own abilities as Jaeger does and is more than grateful when his old friend, guardian Kailean, joins him.

Together they must evade the enemy who is following them and complete the quest in order to save the village and people they love. As time goes by though, it is harder and harder to know who to trust. With only each other for company, Eoin and Kai are forced to face feelings they’d been denying for years. If they can’t complete the search they’ve undertaken, then everything they’ve found could be lost forever.

A journey of trust, where hope and love shine light on a landscape of darkness. But is the light strong enough to avoid being distinguished by the dark forever?

Review: I’m a big fan of Olley White’s work, so I was beyond geeked to discover that she had a new novel. The Quiet Within did not disappoint. It has plenty of simmering romantic and sexual tension, characters that are lovable and relatable, and a Quest. The world-building was strong – enough detail to make it interesting without so much that it bogged down a short novel. And the slow reveal of the nature of their enemy was particularly adept.
rec  !slash  !bodyguards  !dark  !drama/angst  !first.time  !friendship  !magic.users  !romance  !fantasy  fiction  free  by:olley.white  status:complete  length:novel  rating:mature 
january 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Saronara
Summary: Post-Apocalyptic BL. A post-apocalyptic short-story, mixed with humor and lots of dark dread and occasional drama. Four scavengers, some experienced and one less-so, venture into a deserted facility to find a reason behind the event that changed the world a decade ago.

Review: A fantastically well-balanced story. The authors do not bog down their post-apocalptyic setting with too much world building, providing readers with enough background to settle comfortably into the narrative. The characters are all distinct, with backstory provided in pieces that keeps readers interested throughout. Though rendered in black and white, the art is really great–the character designs are very unique! Definitely give this story a read.

The authors gave Saronara excellent pacing! And, perhaps the biggest plus: the webcomic updates reliably three times a week.
rec  !slash  !action/adventure  !age.difference  !dark  !dystopia  !post.apocalypse  webcomic  free  by:protectantiheart  rating:mature  status:wip 
december 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: The Nayslayre’s Infamous Carnival
Summary: Inspired, David decides to host a suicide show in his basement. Things get weirder than he expects.

Review: The Nayslayre’s Infamous Carnival is the twisted, disturbingly morbid tale of David, a 16 year-old runaway orphan who decides to host a suicide show in his middle-aged lover’s basement. Initially inspired by the taped suicide of his roommate and second lover, David starts to expand on his online show, scouting for suicidal candidates to feature on his website. As the show grows in notoriety and becomes more elaborate, David catches the attention of a sinister benefactor who takes things to a whole new level. A constant backdrop to the insanity that is David’s life are the ghosts of his victims who will ultimately play a role in his undoing. Sick but excellent.
fiction  rec  by:d'neronique  length:novel  status:complete  rating:ultra.mature  !abuse  !age.difference  !criminals  !established.relationship  !love/hate  !mental.disorder  !paranormal  !rich.guy/poor.guy  !show.business  !underage  !contemporary  !dark  !drama/angst  !slash 
december 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: In the Company of Shadows
Summary: In a post-apocalyptic future, the Agency works behind the scenes to take down opposition groups that threaten the current government. Their goals justify all means, even when it comes to their own agents.

Sin is the Agency’s most efficient killer. His fighting skills and talent at assassination have led to him being described as a living weapon. However, he is also known to go off on unauthorized killing sprees, and his assigned partners have all wound up dead.

Boyd is not afraid to die. When his mother, a high-ranking Agency official, volunteers him to be Sin’s newest partner, he does not refuse. In fact, his life has been such an endless cycle of apathy and despair that he’d welcome death.
In the Company of Shadows follows these two cast-offs as they go from strangers to partners who can only rely on each other while avoiding death, imprisonment, and dehumanization by the Agency that employs them.

Review: The main characters, Sin and Boyd, are irritating, gorgeous, exasperating, amazing and beautiful. Sins, there are so many sins of Mankind. And this series presents us with innumerable examples.

Set in a post-war dystopian world, this book sets up a pace from the beginning which is fast, dangerous and thrilling.

Sin is thought of as inhuman, and Boyd is more like a robot. Sin has been labelled as a ‘monster’, and Boyd has been labelled as 'worthless’. Sin is feared by everyone. After all, he is death. Boyd does not fear death. 
And the relationship which grows between them will leave you breathless.

I suggest you read this series because it will take you through one unforgettable journey. Though it is a long one and will take you to the lowest of lows, the most frustrating and tragic events before allowing for some happiness, it’s definitely worth the read if you can take what it dishes out. 
rec  !slash  !bisexual  !abuse  !action/adventure  !agents  !amnesia  !assassins/hitmen  !dark  !drama/angst  !dubcon  !post.apocalypse  by:ais  by:santino.hassell  status:complete  length:series  length:novel  rating:ultra.mature  fiction  free 
november 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Cam Girl
Summary: Vada Bergen is broke, the black sheep of her family, and moving a thousand miles away from home for grad school, but she’s got the two things she loves most: her art and her best friend—and sometimes more—Ellis Carraway. Ellis and Vada have a friendship so consuming it’s hard to tell where one girl ends and the other begins. It’s intense. It’s a little codependent. And nothing can tear them apart.

Until an accident on an icy winter road changes everything.

Vada is left deeply scarred, both emotionally and physically. Her once-promising art career is cut short. And Ellis pulls away, unwilling to talk about that night. Everything Vada loved is gone.

She’s got nothing left to lose.

So when she meets some smooth-talking entrepreneurs who offer to set her up as a cam girl, she can’t say no. All Vada has to do is spend a couple hours each night stripping on webcam, and the “tips” come pouring in.

It’s just a kinky escape from reality until a client gets serious. “Blue” is mysterious, alluring, and more interested in Vada’s life than her body. Online, they chat intimately. Blue helps her heal. And he pays well, but he wants her all to himself. No more cam shows. It’s an easy decision: she’s starting to fall for him. But the steamier it gets, the more she craves the real man behind the keyboard. So Vada pops the question:

Can we meet IRL?

Blue agrees, on one condition. A condition that brings back a ghost from her past. Now Vada must confront the devastating secrets she’s been running from—those of others, and those she’s been keeping from herself… 

Review: This coming of age story about two people who are dealing with their sexuality and the other their identity. It is a fascinating and engaging book that deals with gender identity and LGBT topic in a very classy and respectful manner. Leah Raeder strikes again with a story full of mystery, struggling emotions and issues of sexuality which are real not absolutely art of a fictional story.
rec  !femslash  !bisexual  !transgender  !coming.out  !crossdressing  !dark  !disability  !erotica  !hurt/comfort  !poc.main.character  !porn.industry  !romance  fiction  published  by:leah.raeder  status:complete  length:novel  rating:mature 
november 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Rainbow Warriors
Summary: Geoff Tyler, a general who had been fired at the request of the Oval Office, has been asked to lead a private army financed by a few celebrities. Their objective? Knock down the dictator of an African State and favor the birth of a democracy. His means? Money isn’t a problem. His troops? A hundred professionals and 10 000 soldiers, whose training he has to complete. Until there, nothing special. Except the fact that this army is almost exclusively constituted of LGBT people. Lesbians, Gays, Bi, Trans.
rec  !slash  !femslash  by:ayerdhal  !transgender  !action/adventure  !age.difference  !assassins/hitmen  !contemporary  !dark  !drama/angst  !espionage  !military  !poc.main.character  !politics/politicians  !religion/spirituality  !war  !scifi  fiction  published  length:novel  rating:mature  status:complete  language:french 
november 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Rapture
Summary: And still, I will go out and pick up guys, let them use me, make me dirty all over again because the only thing that makes me feel anything even remotely close to real in this world is the guilt.

Review: Cam deals with the emotional baggage his father left him by allowing men to use and abuse him, violent one-night stands that leave him wallowing in guilt and self-loathing because it’s what he deserves. When he meets Alex, however, Cam sees salvation and lets his guard down for the first time in his life. And then he runs.

This is a simple story that starts dark and twisted, but quickly resolves itself into a happily ever after. It’s an alright read if you want something quick and uncomplicated to pass the hour. (Btw, the bdsm tag refers to just one encounter, but I thought I’d throw it in anyway. Same goes for the first time tag, it’s more of a flash back.)
fiction  rec  free  by:the.sham  status:complete  length:short.story  rating:ultra.mature  !abuse  !bdsm  !doctors/nurses  !dubcon  !first.time  !hurt/comfort  !incest  !noncon  !mental.disorder  !underage  !contemporary  !dark  !drama/angst  !romance 
october 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Self Proclaimed Messiah
Summary: He wants to take the lumps for me, but the best he can offer is to clean me up afterwards.

Review: Bo and Carlton come from abusive family backgrounds. Bo takes things into his own hands one day and breaks himself and his family free of his father’s cruelty, but will Carlton ever escape his mother’s drunken maltreatment?

Despite its “shortness” the story progresses at a satisfactory pace and gives proper closure. Also, better written than most online slash.

Note: This rec was made for an earlier version of this story. The author has since revamped it and the link leads to the new version.
fiction  rec  free  by:xanthofile  status:complete  length:short.story  rating:mature  !abuse  !drugs  !friendship  !high.school  !hurt/comfort  !love/hate  !parents/guardians  !slice.of.life  !slash  !contemporary  !dark  !drama/angst  !teens 
october 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Optical Disarray
Summary: A comic about two guys with a lot of problems. Some of those problems are depression and instability. Another of those problems is a magical fox and a goat with identity issues.

Review: This is an interesting story. It transitions well between the serious and silly moments, and while there is a rape scene in it the author handles the moment maturely along with the other serious subjects that come up throughout the comic. While the art could use improvement, it’s come a long way, and has a nice cartoony look that isn’t too silly looking for the story. The characters, while not being perfect people (who is), are still enjoyable and refreshing.

If you like stories with more substance than the main characters becoming an item, then this comic is for you. The plot far outweighs the romance building.
rec  webcomic  free  status:wip  rating:mature  by:alexyoshida  !slash  !age.difference  !animals  !dark  !drama/angst  !humor  !hurt/comfort  !love/hate  !magical.creatures  !mental.disorder  !modern.fantasy  !noncon  !paranormal 
october 2015 by TheSlashPile

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!abuse  !action/adventure  !age.difference  !agents  !aliens  !amnesia  !ancient.civilisation  !angels  !animals  !artists/writers  !asexual  !assassins/hitmen  !bdsm  !bisexual  !bodyguards  !business.men  !cheating  !college/university  !coming.out  !contemporary  !crime  !criminals  !crossdressing  !demons  !detectives/police  !disability  !doctors/nurses  !drama/angst  !drugs  !dubcon  !dystopia  !erotica  !espionage  !established.relationship  !fairies/fae  !fairytale/mythological  !fantasy  !femslash  !first.time  !fluff  !food.industry  !friendship  !gangsters  !geeks/nerds  !high.school  !historical  !humor  !hurt/comfort  !incest  !jocks  !knights  !love/hate  !magic.users  !magical.creatures  !marriage  !martial.arts  !mental.disorder  !military  !modern.fantasy  !mpreg  !music/bands  !noncon  !office  !paranormal  !parents/guardians  !poc.main.character  !politics/politicians  !poly  !porn.industry  !post.apocalypse  !powerplay  !prison  !psychics  !religion/spirituality  !rich.guy/poor.guy  !robots/ai  !romance  !royalty  !scifi  !servants  !sex.workers  !show.business  !slash  !slavery  !slice.of.life  !steampunk/cyberpunk  !stockholm.syndrome  !student/teacher  !superheroes  !teachers  !teens  !transgender  !travel.between.worlds  !underage  !vampires  !war  !werecreatures  !western  !zombies  by:ais  by:alexyoshida  by:andrea.speed  by:andrew.ashling  by:archangel.of.pain  by:arrested  by:ash  by:avery.graham  by:ayerdhal  by:bean.montag  by:becca.abbott  by:bexless  by:biscuit  by:blake.fraina  by:blankd  by:brian.hitch  by:bruisewillow  by:c.s.pacat  by:cal.matthews  by:california.macky  by:chocari  by:cinnamon.rub  by:clover.reef  by:connie.macade  by:cordelia.kingsbridge  by:cyna  by:d'neronique  by:damon.bowie  by:danielle.bennet  by:darkness  by:dave.mims  by:dominic.mitchell  by:erli  by:found.feather  by:gnome  by:green.haired.fae  by:grimmsical  by:hcolleen  by:heidi.belleau  by:i.destroy  by:immelmann  by:j.a.jaken  by:jaida.jones  by:jaryuu.dokura  by:jeremy.begin  by:jo.chen  by:jocabako  by:joon.song  by:jordan.castillo.price  by:kabi  by:katya.dee  by:keelain  by:kichiku.neko  by:kim.chee  by:kirby.crow  by:kit  by:kris.ripper  by:kromi  by:l.a.witt  by:leah.raeder  by:leah  by:llian  by:maddox.grey  by:manna.francis  by:martha.taylor  by:mother.kali  by:nakamura.asumiko  by:nara.kagerou  by:natalia.batista  by:nattserier  by:ni.luo  by:olley.white  by:pai.hsien.yung  by:parhelion  by:phil.sasko  by:pia.foxhall  by:protectantiheart  by:qiufeng.yeyu  by:quil.carter  by:reibrook  by:santino.hassell  by:sarah.goodwin  by:scottwn  by:scribe.mozell  by:sean.mathias  by:slavahda  by:sonny  by:st.jean  by:stephanie.franklin  by:suspu  by:taste.is.sweet  by:tatzelwum  by:tdkeh16  by:tevere  by:the.sham  by:thecalimack  by:thornton  by:tremaine  by:tsukizubon.saruko  by:turtleboy  by:velvet.mace  by:velvet.tucher  by:vervegirl.tv  by:violetta.vane  by:warren.ellis  by:xanthofile  by:yamino  by:yoneda.kou  comic  femslash  fiction  film  free  language:french  length:novel  length:novella  length:series  length:short.story  manga  mm.romance  original-slash  original.slash  published  rating:mature  rating:teen  rating:ultra.mature  rec  status:complete  status:wip  television  webcomic  yaoi 

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