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Rec: Broken (Cursed #1)
Summary: Nick Fairfax vows to do whatever Lord Bane Dunsaney desires for one year. In exchange, Nick’s family gets a chance to regain their fortune. Is this the worst mistake of Nick’s life, or will it lead to a love only found in fairy tales? A modern, M/M retelling of Beauty & The Beast.

Sensitive, aspiring photographer Nick Fairfax wants nothing to do with his family’s corporate business, or their vicious, cold-blooded lifestyle. Intending to give up his inheritance and pursue his art, he arrives at his father’s office, only to find that Fairfax Industries has fallen to a scarred man in a hooded cloak.

The man is the reclusive billionaire Lord Bane Dunsaney, and he is bent on destroying the Fairfaxes. But when he sees Nick, everything changes. Bane offers the Fairfaxes the chance to regain their fortune if Nick will reside at Moon Shadow, his secluded mansion, and do whatever the billionaire wants for a whole year. Nick has no real choice other than to agree to Bane’s terms.

At Moon Shadow, Bane lords his power over Nick, going even so far as to take Nick’s phone, computer and beloved camera away. The billionaire claims such measures are to protect his privacy, but Nick is convinced they are so Bane can control him.

Each is determined to see the worst in each other. But as time passes, Nick glimpses a Bane that is much more than the cold-hearted figure that he met in his father’s office. He discovers that Bane is a man betrayed by love and no longer believes in it.

But what Nick comes to know about Bane is nothing compared to the man’s true secret. Bane is cursed. He is a tiger-shifter who has no control over his beast. And that beast wants Nick.
!slash  !business.men  !modern.fantasy  !werecreatures  fiction  published  length:novel  length:series  status:complete  by:x.aratare  rating:mature 
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Rec: The Colorado Game
Summary: Colorado Game tells the story of Mark & Ross. Mark is a musician, hired by Ross’s company to score a project of theirs. They meet during a ‘Teambuilding week’ and get of to somewhat of a rough start. Will they make it, the CEO and the nerd, or…

Review: This is an old-fashioned romance. The characters meet cute, have stompy disagreements at first, and rapidly fall in love. They have a roller-coaster romance, there’s luxury suites involved, a domineering guy and an independently submissive guy, and the innards of the video game industry. At least it rang true to me, though of course I know nothing.

The story is actually pretty old. It first showed up a really long time ago. So some of the elements that seem like they’ve been done a lot may not have been done so many times when this was being written. I think it’s charming, myself.
fiction  free  by:androgene  status:complete  rating:mature  length:novel  !slash  !artists/writers  !business.men  !hurt/comfort  !music/bands  !office  !rich.guy/poor.guy  !contemporary  !romance 
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Rec: Maurice
Summary: In pre-World War I Britain, Maurice Hall and Clive Durham fall in love while attending Cambridge. Clive believes that love between men is acceptable if the relationship remains platonic, and Maurice, although inclined to physical love, accepts Clive’s condition that they keep things on a more spiritual level, and the pair begin a two-year affair. After a mutual friend is arrested for propostioning a soldier and “mercifully” sentenced to six months of hard labor, Clive suffers an emotional crisis. He breaks off his relationship with Maurice and capitulates to being the respectable married man that his mother has been pressuring him to become. Maurice is left devastated.

Review: First of all, this is a beautiful film. The costumes, the locations, the acting are all excellent. Hugh Grant is so convincing as the vulnerable and idealistic Clive that it is devastating to see his portrayal of that character’s retreat into hypocrisy. James Wilby’s Maurice is a big, confused puppy who is always just a little behind every one else. The supporting cast is superb – Simon Callow is the embarrassed schoolteacher who valiantly bumbles through the facts of life to young Maurice, Ben Kingsley is the not unsympathetic hypnotist that Maurice hires to cure him of homosexuality, Phoebe Nichols is the wife that we can’t help but feel sorry for, and Rupert Graves is wonderful as Maurice’s other love interest, Alec Scudder.

The only place where this movie stumbles is at the end, which is rather unrealistic. But that was the main shortcoming of the E.M. Forster novel that the movie was based on as well.

There is a lot of material here dealing with the British class system and attitudes toward homosexuality if you’re inclined to get philosophical about things, but it also works as a satisfying romance if you just want to sit back and enjoy sexy Brits staring longingly at each other. Really, you can cut the UST with a knife – a sterling silver fruit knife, if you like.
rec  !slash  !business.men  !college/university  !coming.out  !drama/angst  !first.time  !friendship  !historical  !politics/politicians  !romance  by:james.ivory  film  status:complete  rating:mature 
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Rec: Purity: The Post-Yaoi Anthology
Summary: PURITY is a chance for artists who grew up with yaoi and LGBT+ comics to showcase the influence of those works on their art in the present day. Some folk read yaoi or queer comics for a short while, but have since transitioned to other interests. Others remain diehard fans! Some people go back for the occasional nostalgia trip, whereas others are still in the process of discovering the genre. We’re interested to see where this shared history has brought us.

This scene is rich with unique styles and approaches. We want to see them brought together: a chance to highlight just how much (and how individually) we’ve learned from our past experiences as readers. We want to celebrate that each of us took away something different—discovered something different—and find out what that means for us today. This is an opportunity to celebrate our growth!

Many creators have been made to feel ashamed or apologetic about their past inspirations. Both A.E. and Anne understand that feeling. It is difficult to feel alienated over something that was touching and personal for you, something you might not have even read for years, but somehow still labels you. The Purity anthology is not intended to suggest that “yaoi” is good or bad, or force you to decide. We only want to give individuals a chance to express how a shared history has affected their lifelong trajectories as creators in a supportive and thoughtful environment.
rec  comic  !slash  !transgender  by:loren.d.  by:darkchibishadow  by:aero.zero  by:ocicatasy  by:wensleydale  by:aj  by:errow  by:notation  by:a.e.green  by:kristina.stipetic  by:shipjumper  by:greer  by:megi  by:teal.sather  published  status:complete  rating:mature  !aliens  !angels  anthology  !artists/writers  !bdsm  !business.men  !contemporary  !crossdressing 
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Rec: The Red Braid
Summary: In a modern society, quite like ours, slavery still exists as well as an aristocracy of clans. Nickel, the young heir of the wealthy Wren clan buys a young and very badly behaved slave on a whim. When he learns how badly mistreated the slave is, he almost makes it his mission to help the slave heal, physically and mentally, and stop his abuser. It isn’t an easy task, and, of course, romantic feelings complicate things further.

Review: This is a must-read if you’re a fan of slavefic and hurt/comfort. Fran is a master. The world is fascinating, the characters are compelling, and every emotional note is pitched perfectly and sings true. The system of slavery is a lot more involved and believable than in a lot of stories in this genre, and there are some fascinating reversals and trope subversion going on here if you look closely. The author is fabulously prolific, and I highly recommend the rest of her work as well.

Please take the warnings seriously – this story goes to some (deliciously) dark places.
fiction  free  by:fran.fic  status:complete  length:novel  rating:ultra.mature  !abuse  !business.men  !criminals  !friendship  !hurt/comfort  !mental.disorder  !noncon  !poly  !powerplay  !rich.guy/poor.guy  !servants  !sex.workers  !slavery  !stockholm.syndrome  !drama/angst  !erotica  !romance  !slash 
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Rec: Romeo X Julien
Summary: Romeo x Julien by Marina is another retelling of Will Shakespeare’s famous play (itself a retelling of an older story). Romeo Montague is just bored enough to attend a renfaire with his cousin, Benny. And he’s just attracted enough to a beautiful stranger to get his smooch on. What will happen when he realizes that the loveliest girl in the room is is Julien Capulet, a male event coordinator in an Elizabethan gown?

Review: Mar and Ina have created a visually lush comic with compelling characters. The art is an attractive mix of manga and western styles – the backgrounds are rich and full adavantage is taken of the opportunity to put everyone in fancy, fancy costumes.

The drama of the story doesn’t come from any dire conflict. Even the feud between Papa Capulet and Mr. Montague is pretty low-key. Instead, the action centers around our heroes coming of age, discovering themselves, and (hopefully) falling in love. The humor is derived mainly from nutty family members – Julien’s dad is the host-with-the-most who has a flair for speaking in Shakespeare-ese, and Benvolio is a flamboyant director (of movies and cousins’ lives) and a bit of an over-sharer. But it’s Julien’s Mamacita who really steals the first act. She may be tiny and hot-tempered, but it’s clear that she loves her family and she loves making them happy.

This is just a wonderfully well-crafted comic, playful and exuberant. It’s a genuinely new take on an old tale. The old tropes are turned on their heads or played in unexpected ways. Both the art and the writing are superb and I can’t wait to find out what happens next.
rec  webcomic  !slash  !contemporary  !crossdressing  !romance  !show.business  !business.men  by:marina  rating:mature  status:wip  free 
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Rec: Jack Series
Summary: Rich, infamous, hedonistic and dominant, Tiran Marx openly maintains a harem of submissives. By turns benevolent and ruthless, Tiran doesn’t have the patience to keep a tight rein on his subs. So he hires his friend, the proud, brittle, sometimes brutal disciplinarian, Jack Obernikoch, who takes charge with extreme prejudice. Set one or two generations the future, in a world where social norms have evolved slightly but human emotions are as confused as ever.

Review: The universe Mexta paints with the Jack Series is totally governed by dom/sub relations. Still, the point of this tale is not explicit sex scenes, but rather what those kinds of power structures do to characters feelings, and their image of self and of others. The “Jack Series” slowly and surely reveals layer upon layer of secrets and insights, all seasoned with tension and romance. Parts of it almost has a meditative feel, and that’s also when Jack’s inner journey comes through strongest. Give it time, and you will be rewarded.
fiction  rec  free  by:mexta  length:novel  length:series  rating:mature  status:complete  !slash  !abuse  !bdsm  !business.men  !established.relationship  !friendship  !parents/guardians  !politics/politicians  !poly  !powerplay  !servants  !slavery  !drama/angst 
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Rec: Hearthkeeper
Summary: Bored and frustrated by the role society has trapped him in, Julian Sharpe searches for any way to break the tedium. But when he’s blackmailed by the Gallevan Intelligence Service into spying on his wealthy husband, Jules’ life gets a little too interesting.

Review: Really well-written, with smart world-building and a flawed main character with an interesting voice. I think the writer herself best describes what exactly this story is about:

“I want to stress, again, that the relationships are not the point of the story. Jules’ personal journey is. There’s plenty of sex and relationship drama in Hearthkeeper, because this is me writing it, but that all takes a total backseat to the actual plot.”

So it’s definitely an interesting read and one worth keeping an eye on as the story develops beyond its initial chapters.
rec  original.slash  !slash  !age.difference  !agents  !bdsm  !business.men  !dark  !drama/angst  !drugs  !dystopia  !espionage  !marriage  !powerplay  by:cordelia.kingsbridge  fiction  free  status:wip  length:novel  rating:ultra.mature 
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Rec: The Crow and the Quail
Summary: Follow the adventure of two individuals–a thief and a merchant, who have to settle a dispute within their town. “The Crow and the Quail” is a story of adventure and putting aside differences. 24 pages long, and 7,000 words, this short story is good for when you want a short, simple story for a warm afternoon.
rec  !transgender  !asexual  !action/adventure  !business.men  !criminals  !crime  !fantasy  !poc.main.character  !fiction  published  by:katelin.smith  status:complete  rating:everyone  length:short.story 
june 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: The Precious Teahouse
Summary: Ziyu Yin is at his wit’s end trying to keep the teahouse he inherited from his father from going under. San Meor is a young businessman with an especially fine Pu'er tea to sell. San’s father promised Ziyu’s father the finest tea he could grow, no matter how long it took. Now the promises made a generation ago by two young friends are about to be fulfilled by their sons. 

Review: The chapters of this novella are interspersed with poems about tea that set the contemplative and elegant tone of the work.
rec  !slash  !business.men  !contemporary  !food.industry  fiction  free  status:complete  length:novella  rating:teen  by:suilan.lee 
june 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Marketing Beef
Summary: Evan McCormick is a hard-working accountant with loads of self-discipline to match his loads of self-doubt. Dillon Deiss is a hot-shot advertising genius who works at the same firm, Thoroughbred Marketing. Things may not be all they seem at work, though. Long-time client, Yankee Neighborhood Beef, has been putting up a series of suggestive ads all over town, and no one at Thoroughbred knows who is designing the ads. In the meantime Evan has found some fishy investments in the books.  

Review: This is a funny, sexy read. Evan and Dillon are endearing men, and the plot has some interesting twists.
rec  !slash  !business.men  !contemporary  !crime  !criminals  !romance  length:novel  by:rick.bettencourt  free  fiction  status:complete  rating:mature 
june 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: The Man Who Doesn't Take off His Clothes
Summary: After leading anything but a fashionable collegiate life, Kaitani is entering his third year at a major cosmetics company. His boss is the Adonis, Fujiwara. Although any number of women have had their eyes on Fujiwara, Kaitani can’t think of him as anything but an ill-mannered snob. Word around the office is that Fujiwara keeps his clothes on even when making love! Things start to heat up when the two clash over a marketing campaign for a new line of men’s cosmetics.

Review: Am I glad to have found this fic. Ah, I knew I could count on those Japanese when I’m craving the ‘Subordinate topping Superior’ theme. This is what I call a competent, jerk-ass superior! Okay, so the sex part was rather OOC and gave me that typical yaoi feel, but yeah…at this point, I’m not too picky. At this point all I want is a competent boss bottoming, and, as I said, this is one of the more satisfying ‘Subordinate topping Superior’ fics I’ve read > < I haven’t read any since the Mirage of Blaze. Anyhow, I think I should break my review down a bit more.

-A competent, jerk-ass superior bottoming! Need I say more?
-Solid characterization and growth.
-Witty and fun! Had me laughing out loud quite stupidly a few times.
-One REALLY unique character trait.
-Details that make up for the confined setting. Actually, the novel focuses more on workplace life than the romance, which made it realistic and immensely enjoyable for me.
-Has a plot

-I’m not sure about the quality of the English translation, as I’m reading the Chinese version (which has its fair share of typos but is translated smoothly). According to some reviews on Amazon, there were some grammatical mistakes and typos.
-As I’ve mentioned before, smut is not very sexy because of the massive OOCness. Had that unrealistic, not-so-great yaoi feeling, so I just skimmed through the smex. Vol.2 also has a bit more smut than I would prefer, and the fluffiness was…too sweet…too sweet for my tastes, anyway, since I’m not a fan of fluff
-There is one particularly nosy side-character…I had to suspend my disbelief for his rather unrealistic behavior.
-The plot in itself isn’t THAT original, as some clichés abound, but I think the overall execution is satisfactory.
-Has a questionable gay-for-you thing going on.
mm.romance  !business.men  !dubcon  !first.time  !hurt/comfort  !love/hate  !morning.after  !slash  !contemporary  !humor  by:konohara.narise  fiction  published  rec  status:complete  length:novel  rating:mature 
january 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Fighting Dirty Too
Summary: Ethan is sent to a corporate team-building retreat where his final challenge is an obstacle course with a number of tunnels that must be crawled through. Fitz is the boyhood crush who helps him overcome his debilitating claustrophobia.

Review: This is not a sequel to Olley White’s Fighting Dirty, but another story inspired by the same prompt. Fitz and Ethan are more nuanced characters in this longer story and the focus is on cooperation rather than competition, but expect the same elements of hot, dirty guys soaping up and getting clean.
rec  mm.romance  !business.men  !romance  !artists/writers  !hurt/comfort  !contemporary  by:olley.white  fiction  free  status:complete  length:short.story  rating:mature 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: The Administration
Summary: There are no bad guys. There are no good guys. There are only better guys, and worse guys.
One of the worse guys is Val Toreth. In a world where torture is a legitimate part of the investigative process, he works for the Investigation and Interrogation Division.
One of the better guys is Keir Warrick, a corporate director. His small corporation, SimTech, is developing a ‘sim’ system which places users in a fully-immersive virtual reality.
Their world is the dark future dystopia of New London, where Europe is controlled by a totalitarian bureaucracy, which shares political power with powerful corporations. The oppressive government uses torture, violence and the various Divisions of the feared Department of Internal Security to maintain power. The corporations fight amongst themselves, using lethal force under the euphemism of ‘corporate sabotage’, uniting only to resist attempts by the Administration to extend its control over them.
The series follows Warrick and Toreth, and their families, friends and enemies as they struggle to survive and hope to prosper.

-There is sex. There is kinky sex. There is a lot of kinky sex.
-The characters are GROWN UPS (as much as we all like teenagers, nope, these guys are in the upper 30’s) and are dynamic and fascinating to boot.
-The world is well-developed, and the plot gets extremely exciting and intense, especially toward the end.
-Professional writing with very few typos, especially considering the length.
-The ‘sim’ (mentioned above) IS A LOT OF FUN.
original-slash  !abuse  !agents  !bdsm  !business.men  !detectives/police  !dubcon  !dystopia  !espionage  !military  !office  !politics/politicians  !post.apocalypse  !powerplay  !prison  !crime  !scifi  !noncon  !dark  by:manna.francis  fiction  free  length:novel  length:series  rating:ultra.mature  rec  status:complete 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Creative Employment
Summary: Will Merrin has everything one would think a 29-year-old man would want: Looks, health, self-confidence, a fast track career in business and an extremely well-paying job in a bustling East Coast City. But he’s lonely in a new city and over-worked, and is starting to get sick of being celibate. Or at least that’s what he tells himself is the reason he starts messing around with his ostensibly ‘straight’ IT guy. Tom’s hot, charming, and fun to be around, but can’t seem to make up his mind what he’s doing with both a female fiancee and a gay playmate. Will’s usually so very discerning, and too intelligent and savvy to run through such an emotional and mental minefield. So if he’s so damn smart, why can’t he stop?

Review: A truly charming story. Will and Tom are believable, interesting people. Requires a bit of suspension of disbelief that any IT guy could be that good-looking. Aside from that, though, it’s fun, sexy and entertaining. Oh, and the sex is quite hot.
original-slash  !business.men  !cheating  !coming.out  !office  !powerplay  !contemporary  !romance  by:noel.blue  fiction  free  length:novella  status:complete  rec 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Colby Series
Summary: A series of stories about the people of Colby, a gay friendly town, and Higgins, the nearby town. A ex-marine who returns to university, some teachers, cops, older businessman, writer, teenagers, etc. Normal people that you find in all different kinds of towns in all kinds of countries. Some are out, some don’t want out.

Review: Each story can be read independently, in no particular order even if it’s better to read them in the order they are (you find some of the people and couples making an appearance in other stories). The writer makes you want to know about his characters, their lives. Nothing really extraordinary happened to them, it’s more stories about love, acceptance, and happiness. A day-to-day series. It’s realistic, really well written, and touching. Even the one not under the name ‘Colby stories’ can have a link to the characters, by family member , flirting on vacation , etc. You can read them all.
original-slash  !age.difference  !artists/writers  !business.men  !college/university  !coming.out  !detectives/police  !doctors/nurses  !first.time  !friendship  !office  !student/teacher  !teachers  !contemporary  !romance  by:tim.mead  fiction  free  length:novel  length:series  rating:mature  rec  status:complete 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Falls Chance Ranch Series
Summary: Are you worried about your executive? Is he burned out? Frazzled? Less than stellar? Is he an excellent employee that you don’t want to lose? If the answer to those questions is an unqualified yes!, then you need to think about sending him to Falls Chance Ranch. In a matter of weeks or months, we’ll turn around your executive and return him to you fit and ready to pick up the reins again.

Review: I thought this was a domestic discipline tale. And then I thought this was a series like Maculategiraffe’s The Slave Breakers, centered on a loving, hierarchically ordered, highly unconventional surrogate family.

The series Falls Chance Ranch is both these things, but in addition to that, it is one of the most powerful psychological studies of a man that I’ve encountered in fiction.

Reading the series is like watching layers of an onion be peeled away. Every time that you think you know the protagonist, new layers are revealed. The first scene in which the protagonist undergoes the excruciatingly painful process of remembering his past, with the help of the men he loves, occurred at the very moment my e-reader ran out of power.

I read the rest of the chapter standing in the middle of my apprentice’s night-dark room, while the e-reader powered up. I couldn’t have stopped reading that chapter to save my life.

There’s a plotline besides the psychological drama, and that underlying plotline is filled with primarily peaceful Western Americana: beautiful scenery (not just pretty, but meaningful to the plot) and fascinating insight into modern Western life (again, meaningful to the plot). The ranch is owned by a group of cowboys in Wyoming who run a gay domestic discipline household that has existed since World War II. Rather than center their lives exclusively on one another, the ranch owners reach out to help other men who could benefit from their lifestyle. In particular, they run a business where their household helps burnt-out CEOs regain their footing. Once the businessmen have learned to balance and control the various aspects of their personalities, they’re sent back refreshed to resume their old jobs.

Then Dale Aden, a former boy genius who is now a middle-aged genius CEO, turns up at the cowboys’ ranch. Dale will change their world.
original-slash  !business.men  !hurt/comfort  !mental.disorder  !paranormal  !poly  !powerplay  !western  !drama/angst  !modern.fantasy  !romance  by:rolf  by:ranger  length:novel  length:series  rating:mature  fiction  free  rec  status:complete 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Burning Down Cye's House
Summary: The premise of the story is that Star Trek never aired, changing the influential science dreamers from Roddenberry to Asimov and Clarke (who both had an effect on science today, but not as large a one as Roddenberry). Robots have become the wave of the future, all kinds of robots, from fry cooks and window washers to office assistants. To make the leap from circuits and gears to true artificial intelligence, the latest biotechnic robots are grafted and grown as well as using some level of cyber parts.

But have they made them too alive? All beings will eventually seek freedom.

Review: Cye, the protagonist, is an expensive biotechnic robot who happily works as an accountant/assistant to his owner. But other robots are less happy - including one of his peers, a musical bot forced to be a designer. Overall, I enjoyed the story. It’s quick and I did not expect where the romance was going. Sometimes it’s a bit too quick - there’s a lot of backstory and the exposition isn’t always well-integrated. Still, it’s hard to find a decent SF read about robots rising up for freedom that isn’t ponderous. (Much less one with gay sex.)
!abuse  !business.men  !robots/ai  !slavery  !action/adventure  !scifi  by:cinder1013  fiction  free  rec  length:novel  status:complete  rating:mature 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Ventures and Investments
Summary: Justin Plank is a pathetic gutter rat. In the past, he made the mistake of crossing Tony Torroda, one of the most powerful talent agents in LA. Now, at the brink of failure, he must turn to Tony for help… the last thing he would ever want to do.

Review: It’s a somewhat D/S relationship without really the D/S. It’s about a rich guy who worked hard to gain everything and the stupid guy who made sure to loose everything. This two share a long past, a love/hate relation with enough craziness and possessiveness mixed with desperation.

In this story it’s all about what are you willing to do to have the one you’re obsessed with under you in your own bed and what desperation can do to the pride of a man.

It’s been more than a year when I first got across this story and I could have never got enough of it. I tagged it dub-con because Justin slept with people (his father’s friends) because of an emotional need to prove something to his father and later he’ll do it because he felt trapped.
original-slash  !abuse  !business.men  !dubcon  !office  !rich.guy/poor.guy  !contemporary  by:roughdrafthero  status:complete  fiction  free  rec  length:novel  rating:teen 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Ijimekko
Summary: Shimizu Kyourei is an almost-perfect ex-bully with a smooth, successful life. However, grudges are not forgotten so easily. What will happen when the bully becomes the bullied?

Review: I actually saw this a few months ago, but dismissed it after the first few chapters as “some dude gets banged a lot - no point reading”. Yesterday, I tried again and read it all in one go. Don’t let the first few chapters fool you.

What fascinated me was the power-play dynamics and the characters. It was like steel swords clashing together, and of course, there’s bound to be intense heat. Despite the angst, the characters are terribly strong, but not unrealistically so. No one is a weakling, and it was pretty much like watching firework. There’s a lot of rape, but it wasn’t “I rape to show love” (arguable) or “rape so main character can go wangsty, and get comforted”. Rape is more of a tool than anything.

The plot is layered too, so that’s another bonus. Characters are adaptable, and pretty well-developed. It really exploits how complicated human emotions can get.

The story could use a bit of polishing, as the random switches of POV and time skips were kinda annoying. I personally would also like to see a little more development, but it’s definitely worth reading and it’s a great read.
original-slash  !abuse  !business.men  !dubcon  !gangsters  !love/hate  !noncon  !powerplay  !western  !dark  !drama/angst  fiction  free  rec  by:qiufeng.yeyu  length:novel  status:complete  rating:mature 
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