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just pretending that we're cool - magneticwave - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In retrospect, using sex to trick Derek out of stalking Scott had maybe not been the greatest idea ever? Whatever, Stiles’ plans always manage to work themselves out.
author:magneticwave  !au  college!au  gettogether  oneshot  yesplease  teenwolf  derek/stiles 
5 weeks ago by thatdamneddame
A Garden Inclosed - 3littleowls, beaubete - Skyfall (2012) - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
When the Dowager Queen makes Q an offer he never expects, he must choose between the life he's always assumed he'd have—a wife, a normal family, and a shop of his own—or life as the king's pampered—and paid for—pet.
!au  Bond(spy)  bond/q 
7 weeks ago by kei_rin
Darling It Is No Joke - thehoyden - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The first thing Stiles thinks when he opens the door is that it’s not his birthday, but someone has sent him some kind of cop stripper.
!au  teenwolf  derek/stiles 
7 weeks ago by kei_rin
Don't Savage The Messenger - exclamation - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
There is an uneasy truce between the werewolves in the woods and the humans who live in Beacon Hills, protected by a magical boundary that gives warning any time a werewolf crosses it. Then the sheriff is taken by the werewolves and his son offers himself in exchange.

Stiles promises to serve the werewolf pack, not knowing what horrible use they might have for him. But it turns out his most useful skill is the ability to cross the boundary line between humans and werewolves. Life with the werewolves is nothing like he feared and the werewolves themselves are nothing like the hunters' stories would have him believe.
derek/stiles  teenwolf  !au 
10 weeks ago by kei_rin
Secrets of Surburbia - GiaUrsula - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Lydia Martin was the Queen Bee of Beacon Hills so it was her job to welcome her husband's nephew, Derek, and his new wife into the neighbourhood. Derek has returned home after service in Korea to settle down and marry his sweetheart, Gen, who Lydia becomes fast friends with. But after stumbling upon Derek cheating on Gen, she isn't sure what to think. But who was the man she saw him with? Who is Stiles?
derek/stiles  teenwolf  !au  !au-human 
11 weeks ago by kei_rin
i just happen to like apples (i am not afraid of snakes) - gyzym - Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
Written for the following prompt: "Someone write me Crowley the bitter lesbian who only gave Eve the apple because she thought feminism should be there from day one." As such, please be warned that this story contains some fairly radical reinterpretations of Biblical stories and themes; if that sort of thing is not for you, please give this tale a pass.
author:gyzym  goodomens  genderfuck  gettogether  yesplease  canon!au  !au  aziraphale/crowley 
12 weeks ago by thatdamneddame
Carrying Dangerous Goods - novembersmith - Generation Kill [Archive of Our Own]
From the Signal Code of the Royal Navy and His Majesty's Aerial Corps: B, or Bravo -- I am taking in, or discharging, or carrying dangerous goods.
Temeraire  !au  !crossover  generationKill  brad/ray  via:kei_rin 
june 2019 by talitha78
Carrying Dangerous Goods - novembersmith - Generation Kill [Archive of Our Own]
From the Signal Code of the Royal Navy and His Majesty's Aerial Corps: B, or Bravo -- I am taking in, or discharging, or carrying dangerous goods.
Temeraire  !au  !crossover  generationKill  brad/ray 
june 2019 by kei_rin
Not Part of the Plan - Annie D (scaramouche) - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Castiel's spent most of his adult life keeping his head down and staying out of trouble. This is a deliberate choice on his part, because as a cousin of the King, he'd rather stay unimportant and forgotten. This changes abruptly when King Michael decides that he has a better use for Castiel: he is to be wed to a noble member of the neighboring Republic, as part of an agreement between their two nations.
!au  !au-royalty  !marriage  supernatural  dean/castiel 
may 2019 by kei_rin
Lovely Penmanship - DLanaDHZ - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
To use a scribe to write your letters is a sign of privilege. To be a scribe is... mildly better than a servant. When Stiles, scribe to Lady Kate Argent, is instructed to write a love letter to Lord Derek Hale in her stead, he has no idea just how far from plan things will go. He has no idea that this series of letters will begin a secret affair under the noses of his employers, will lead to him discovering the truth about his past family tragedy, and will make his head spin for both good and bad reasons. All he knows is 'Dear Derek' has some very lovely penmanship.
!au  derek/stiles  teenwolf 
may 2019 by kei_rin
Wolves and Foxes Don’t Get Along - Lissadiane - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The first werewolf Stiles ever sees is a goofy looking dude with floppy brown hair and a crooked smile, leaning up against a black camaro outside the high school, wearing an oversized leather jacket, surrounded by half a dozen other preternaturally beautiful girls and guys, also in leather. Also probably werewolves.

They look like they stepped right out of Twilight and it’s not subtle.
teenwolf  derek/stiles  !au  !werewolf  !werefox 
may 2019 by kei_rin
Spock gets a small golden-haired, blue-eyed creature as a gift from his father (except he doesn't). The creature speaks in his nurse's Secret Language, appears to be convinced that Spock is an "elf" and calls itself "Jim." Utterly fascinated, Spock decides to keep it.

Very AU. Set on an extremely xenophobic Vulcan.
-ao3  *littlebirdtold  ~complete  ~online  !slavery  !au 
february 2019 by mongognom
Boeuf Mystère - galwednesday - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“Quick question,” Bucky said.

Steve looked up, but didn’t stop moving passports and stacks of cash into a nondescript blue duffel, his mind busily ticking through logistics. He’d grab the glock taped behind the hidden drawer in the desk on their way out, and they could buy new clothes once they got across the border into neutral territory, so they didn’t need much else, apart from whatever Bucky wanted to bring. One duffle should be enough. “Yeah, honey?”

“What the fuck.”
mcu  steve/bucky  ficlet  adorable  establishedrelationship  failboats  modern!au  !au  author:galwednesday 
september 2018 by thatdamneddame
Little Wild Animal
Derek Hale finds a feral human on his pack's property.
Humans are supposed to be extinct.
But then, Stiles is full of surprises.
-ao3  ~online  ~complete  *DiscontentedWinter  !au  !werewolves_rule 
july 2018 by mongognom
Bury the Lead - Chapter 1 - marywhale - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
Taako’s senior year at Neverwinter High could be going better. Faced with a choice between joining the school’s floundering newspaper or being expelled, he opts for a career in journalism.

Lucretia, the paper’s editor, kind of wishes he'd gone the other way.
author:maryewhale  barry/lup  taako/Kravitz  !au  highschool!au  taz 
june 2018 by thatdamneddame

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