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With Hands In His Pockets
The lure of Immortal presence teased at Duncan’s senses as he carried his two bags of groceries down the Rue de St. Germain.

For Taz.
This is some old school D/M.
fandom:highlander  pairing:duncan/methos  author:hafital  length:<010000  !_sweet  ao3 
january 2019 by Harpijka
Rodney's first thought was, 'Finally, all my fantasies are about to come true.'
fandom:sga  pairing:mckay/sheppard  !_sweet  length:<005000  ao3  via:popkin16 
december 2018 by Harpijka
[Vorkosigan] Improvisation by Philomytha
For Lady Alys, it's a way to get rid of unwanted suitors. For Captain Illyan, it's a way to reduce the likelihood of usurpation plots. If there's anything more to it, neither of them have any intention of saying so.
fandom:vorkosigan  pairing:simon/alys  !_sweet  author:philomytha  het  via:sineala 
november 2018 by Harpijka
Literacy by thehoyden
Deep Space Nine, Bashir/Garak. "'You want me to read to you?' Julian repeated, somewhat taken aback." Julian's offer to entertain Garak while he's recovering from the surgery turns into Julian's learning Cardassian while reading it aloud. // 5.6K. Very fun. The best kind of sneaky vs. naive fic.
fandom:DS9  pairing:Garak/JulianBashir  courting  author:thehoyden  !_sweet  length:<010000  ao3  via:zhena 
june 2018 by Harpijka
Shine Forth - concernedlily - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]

It was the 317th day since Harry had died. The counting was becoming increasingly depressing, but at this point he was superstitious about it: he was nursing an absurd but insidious notion that if he stopped now, he would never see England again.
fandom:kingsman  author:concernedlily  paiirng:eggsy/harry  length:<005000  !_sweet  firstkiss 
november 2017 by Harpijka
legally binding attachments - rosestone - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
“Would you care to guess why the Council is upset with you, Anakin?”
“Uh.  No.  I have no idea.  At all.”
Obi-Wan flicked a glance at Padmé, who lifted her chin and said, “I’m sure I have no idea what kind of internal Jedi matters could have led to this meeting, Master Kenobi.”
“Very nice, both of you,” Obi-Wan said, smiling widely.  “A pity you couldn’t keep it up all the time.”
“I’m not sure what you mean,” Padmé said.
“Well, perhaps I’ll have to be a little more blunt.  I have just spent the last few hours arguing the Council into agreeing not to throw Anakin out of the Order because of your secret marriage.”
“Oh shit,” Anakin blurted.  Padmé glared at him, and he covered his mouth with both hands.
Padmé turned back to Obi-Wan, eyes dark and concerned.  “If you don’t mind my asking… how did they find out?  We were so careful!”
“You were careful,” Obi-Wan echoed, deadpan.  “Ah, yes.  That explains the three separate betting pools on how long it would take the Council to take action.”
fandom:starwars  pairing:anakin/padme  character:obi-wan  series  !_sweet  au 
january 2017 by Harpijka
Side bitch out of your league | rohkeutta
“I tried to call Sam,” Captain America says, bewildered. He’s sprinting like Usain Bolt and doesn’t sound even a little out of breath. Fucker. “Who’re you?”

“Someone who’s watching you live on TV,” Bucky tells him as the tiny patriotic figure on the screen takes the turns like he instructed. Bucky should probably be a lot more freaked out about this, but honestly? After a tour in the Middle East and six years as a nurse in New York, even this isn’t enough to ruffle him. One sees a lot of shit in the ER. “Also, you better hang up now, that thing is behind the next bend.”

“Uh, okay,” Captain America says. “Thanks?”

“Whatever,” Bucky says, disconnects the call and turns the TV off to get ready for his shift.

**||** [2.571 words]

Almost feels too short but very cute.
fandom:Avengers  pairing:Steve/Bucky  rating:PG-13  !_sweet  modern!bucky 
november 2016 by Harpijka
Heathens - Clocks - X-Men (Alternate Timeline Movies) [Archive of Our Own]

Erik and his merry band of mercenaries decide to celebrate their latest victory and head to the tavern. Of course, he doesn't expect to meet the perfect guy there, who happens to be on a date with a troll.
fandom:x-men  pairing:charles/erik  rating:pg-13  ao3  author:clocks  length:<005000  !_sweet 
september 2016 by Harpijka
Honesty - Chapter 1 - panda013 (Amiria_Raven) - Miraculous Ladybug [Archive of Our Own]

“Well, if I’m wonderful,” he started, a teasing lilt in his voice causing her to look up and give him the 'kitty don’t you dare' look he so adored. His grin grew wider and he finished, “then you must be purrty Miraculous, don’t you think?”

His honesty had given them this chance, and she would forever love that earnest part of him
fandom:miraculousladybug  pairing:chatnoir/ladybug  length:<020000  ao3  !_sweet  reveal  secretidentity 
september 2016 by Harpijka
Trouve-moi si tu peux - Mindell - Miraculous Ladybug [Archive of Our Own]

Adrien jubilait.
Il avait enfin l'opportunité de découvrir qui se cachait derrière l'identité de Ladybug.
Et en tout bien tout honneur, histoire de couronner le tout. Tout ça grâce à un petit jeu entre eux, un simple jeu qu'il avait initié sans trop y croire.
fandom:miraculousladybug  french  length:<005000  !_sweet  reveal  secretidentity  ao3  series 
september 2016 by Harpijka
Good Neighbors | Mynuet
Derek's been having trouble, but luckily he's more than just in good hands. Stiles, his intrepid insurance agent, is on a mission to help him manage the risks of everyday (supernatural) life, recover from the unexpected (hunters), and realize his dreams.

**||** [8.552 words]

fandom:TeenWolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  rating:PG  au  length:<010000  ao3  :)  !_sweet 
june 2016 by Harpijka
Hook, Yarn, Sinker - pprfaith - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Stiles is happy with his store, his hobbies, his friends. Peter's just trying to figure out how to raise his nieces and nephew without fucking them up too badly.
Paths cross. // I don't even read Teenwolf anymore, but it's pprfaith! How could I resist?
fandom:teenwolf  pairing:peter/stiles  wip  author:pprfaith  au  !_sweet  romance 
april 2016 by Harpijka
Amok T'Pring - by triedunture
The view of the stars flickers and fades, and a young woman's pale face fills the screen. Her tapered fingers shake on her navigation panel like someone wracked with delirium tremens. Her hair is cut severely across her forehead and her ears end in elegant points.

"My god," Bones mutters, his eyes glued to the screen.

Jim focuses on the task at hand. "This is Captain Kirk of the--"

"Spock," the female Vulcan interrupts. Her mouth thins into a tight line.

"It is I," Spock says without inflection. He takes a step forward, standing right next to the captain's chair.

Jim gives him an annoyed glance and tries again. "And I am James Kirk, captain of the USS--"

"Parted from me and never parted," she says without taking her eyes from Spock. She speaks in Standard but with a much heavier accent than Spock's, a tang to her words. "Never and always touching and touched. We meet...not at the appointed place, for it is gone. We meet here." She gives a distressingly un-Vulcan wave of her hand to encompass her frustration with her craft's cramped interior. The tremor in her hand belies her calm face.

"Parted from me and never parted," Spock responds. "Never and always touching and touched. I await you." His voice is steady, almost serene. Kirk wonders if these words are a prayer or a formal greeting reserved for very close family.

"Open the bay doors and your waiting will be done! I grow weary of these pleasantries," she barks. Sulu and Chekov flinch in their seats, obviously not expecting such an outburst. The screen goes black without a sign-off.

"Well, she's lovely," Uhura drawls. "Who is she, Mr. Spock?"

Jim turns to watch his first officer's internal struggle. Yes, Mr. Spock, who is she, he thinks.

"She is T'Pring," Spock says at last, "my wife."

There's five or six full seconds of complete quiet on the bridge before Sulu says, "What."
pairing:kirk/spock  character:t'pring  !_sweet  pairing":mccoy/t'pring  fandom:startrek  length:<020000  ao3 
april 2016 by Harpijka
there's a michael jackson song about this - Bundibird - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
It starts out as a joke.

Rhodey takes one look at Tony and Harley tinkering with and squabbling over some piece of tech and demands, “Since when do you have a kid?” and Harley glances up and says casually, without missing a beat, “He impregnated my mom eleven years ago and then left her to raise me alone. He’s a terrible person.”

Tony’s going to be laughing about Rhodey’s expression for MONTHS.
fandom:avengers  character:tonystark  character:harleykeener  kidfic  length:<020000  !_sweet 
april 2016 by Harpijka
First Time Bitten (But Never Shy)
Han Solo had never been that good a guy. Then a simple passenger trip to Alderaan went pear-shaped, and he found himself neck-deep in the Rebellion. Now, he wasn't quite sure what to do about the princess who seemed determined to hate him, or the bounty hunters who have been crawling all over his trail, or the fact that he really, really hated weightlessness. But he'd found the best boyfriend; that had to count for something, right?
fandom:starwars  het  rating:T  threesome  pairing:han/luke  pairing:han/leia  !_good  !_sweet  ao3 
march 2016 by Harpijka
Blue Sunny Day - firethesound - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Years ago, Harry Potter disappeared from the Wizarding World. When Draco spots him at a club in Muggle London, well, he just can't resist the opportunity that presents itself.
fandom:harrypotter  pairing:draco/harry  length:<030000  !_sweet  vampire!harry  rating:nc-17 
march 2016 by Harpijka
Brooklyn Boys - SleepsWithCoyotes - Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"The stray picks up a stray." On his way to recovery, Bucky acquires a pet, only it's less like a dog and more like a Jotun monster. Completely and totally adorable, and I'm really hoping someone makes fanart.
fandom:avengers  character:bucky  via:talitha78  !_sweet 
march 2016 by Harpijka
Human After All
He decides he wants to do something for him. He wants to give Poe something. Being a Stormtrooper was like being a clock—he was wound, he moved, and if he faulted, he was wound again. There was no empathy. There was no sympathy. But he's Finn, now, he's human, and he wants so terribly to give Poe something. That sort of desire makes his skin prickle, and, walking to mess hall, Finn feels something prickle and spark in his chest. It's not something he's ever felt before. This is humanity. It must be. And he likes this part of it, this giddy lightness.
length:<05000  fandom:StarWars  pairing:Finn/Poe  !_sweet  via:sansets 
january 2016 by Harpijka

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