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Tech moves: Remitly names diversity lead; Tableau hires marketing exec; ArtsFund taps interim CEO | GeekWire
Maria Huffman is the new director of the Washington Nanofabrication Facility at the University of Washington. Huffman comes from Lund University in Sweden, where she headed the Lund Nano Lab.
GeekWire  regl  !UWitM  2019  Institute.Nano-Engineered.Systems  NanoES  Huffman.Maria 
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UW tops 'most transformative' poll in Washington | KIRO 7
The UW is No. 1 in the state for being the "most transformative" according to Money.com.
KIRO  video  rankings  regl  !UWitM  2019 
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Amazon expanding in India | KIRO 7
There are new signs that Amazon is expanding well beyond Seattle. The company has revealed it is building a new campus in India. Jeff Shulman, professor of business at the UW, is interviewed.
KIRO  regl  video  Shulman.Jeff  Foster.School.Business  !UWitM  2019 
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Ann Nelson took on the biggest problems in physics | Quanta Magazine
"The UW theoretical particle physicist Ann Nelson, who died on August 4 at age 61, was a font of brilliant ideas and a champion of ending discrimination in the field," writes Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, a theoretical physicist at the UW.
Prescod-Weinstein.Chanda  !UWitM  2019  natl  Quanta.Magazine  Nelson.Ann  Department:Physics  College:Arts&Sciences 
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All over the map: How Leavenworth became the PNW's own slice of Bavaria | MyNorthwest.com
It was a little over 50 years ago, in 1965, when work began in earnest to convert Leavenworth from a little Cascade foothills railroad and lumber town to a Bavarian-themed tourist destination. The UW's role in that conversion is mentioned.
KIRO  !UWitM  2019  regl 
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Small tremors light up Pacific Northwest | KOMO
The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network has recorded over 4,000 tremors along the West Coast since Aug. 11. Stephen Malone, a research professor emeritus of Earth and space sciences at the UW, is quoted.
Malone.Steve  College:Environment  Department:Earth&Space.Sciences  !UWitM  2019  PNSN  regl  KOMO  earthquakes 
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How Gov. Jay Inslee moved the ball on the climate issue – and why he fell short | GeekWire
Jay Inslee may be out of the presidential race, but he’s not out of the minds of climate policy campaigners. Aseem Prakash, founding director of the University of Washington’s Center for Environmental Politics, is quoted.
Prakash.Aseem  !UWitM  2019  regl  GeekWire  Center.Environmental.Politics  College:Arts&Sciences  Department:Political.Science  politics  election 
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‘Why does freedom have to come with layers?’ Black, queer residents speak out about identity in Seattle | The Seattle Times
Among other things, Seattle’s progressive reputation, the rainbow crosswalks on Capitol Hill, the plethora of signs everywhere declaring “Love is love,” and its out-and-loud pride festivals, have earned the city a reputation as being LGBTQ-friendly. But Seattle is not quite as friendly for the 7 percent of the population that identifies as black. Jaimée Marsh, associate director of the UW's Q Center, is featured.
Marsh.Jaimee  !UWitM  2019  regl  Seattle.Times  LGBTQ  Q.Center 
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Father still hopes to see daughter, abducted three years ago | NW Asian Weekly
Two weeks ago, he finally put his child’s car seat away. Elisha Edwin had kept it in the car for three years, although it had remained empty. His daughter was 3 years old when she was abducted. Now, after another three years, she is 6 years old. Vicente Rafael, UW professor of Southeast Asian studies, is quoted.
Jackson.School.International.Studies  regl  NW.Asian.Weekly  !UWitM  2019 
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Seattle remains a battleground in the minimum wage debate | Puget Sound Business Journal
More than four years after Seattle implemented an ordinance that raised the minimum wage for many local businesses to at least $15 per hour, the city continues to lead the national conversation. The UW's minimum wage study is referenced.
minimum.wage  Puget.Sound.Business.Journal  !UWitM  2019  regl 
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Public records reveal T-Mobile’s plan to make Seattle a 5G hub in partnership with UW and tech giants | GeekWire
T-Mobile, along with the city of Bellevue, the University of Washington and venture capital firm Quake Capital, applied with the state of Washington to designate parts of Seattle, Bellevue and Redmond as a 5G “Innovation Partnership Zone,” an alliance of institutions, government organizations and companies. Sumit Roy, professor of electrical and computer engineering at the UW, is mentioned.
Roy.Sumit  GeekWire  regl  !UWitM  2019  College:Engineering  Department:Electrical.Engineering 
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Off the Rez Cafe will open in the new Burke Museum | Seattle Met
Over a year ago, Off the Rez, Seattle’s first and only Native food truck, put in a bid along with 20 or so other vendors to run the new Burke Museum’s cafe at the UW. Eventually the company put together a tasting and got the spot. Off the Rez announced that it opens October 12, along with the museum’s grand opening.
Seattle.Met  regl  !UWitM  2019  Burke.Museum 
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The human chain that unshackled the Baltic nations | Public Radio International
Celebratory reenactments of the 1989 human chain from Estonia to Lithuania will take place across the world Friday, which is also recognized as Black Ribbon Day in the European Union and elsewhere in remembrance of the victims of Stalinism and Nazism. Guntis Šmidchens, professor of Baltic studies at the UW, is quoted.
Public.Radio.International  !UWitM  2019  natl  Smidchens.Guntis  Department:Scandinavian.Studies  Jackson.School.International.Studies 
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Domestic workers aren't protected from discrimination in D.C.; advocates are trying to change that | The Washington Post
For 42 years, the District of Columbia’s Human Rights Act has protected workers in the nation’s capital from discrimination and harassment based on race, gender or sexual orientation — with one notable exception: “domestic servants, engaged in work in and about the employer’s household.” Kim England, professor of geography at the UW, is quoted.
Harry.Bridges.Center.Labor.Studies  Department:Geography  Washington.Post  !UWitM  2019  natl  England.Kim  College:Arts&Sciences 
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A reality check for AI hubris | Axios
For the past 5 years, Elon Musk and others have warned of a future disaster resulting from unchecked superintelligent AI. Pedro Domingos, professor of computer science and engineering at the UW, is quoted.
Axios  Domingos.Pedro  !UWitM  2019  natl  College:Engineering  Allen.School  Artificial.Intelligence 
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Teacher shortage, protests complicate educator pay dynamics | The Associated Press
First-grade teacher Hillary Madrigal jumped to a nearby school district last year, lured by higher salaries that would allow her to quit her second job as a housekeeper and buy a new car. Dan Goldhaber, director of the Center for Education Data and Research at the UW, is quoted.
Goldhaber.Dan  !UWitM  2019  natl  AP  Center.Education.Data.Research  UW:Bothell 
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YouTube channels are yanked for alleged disinformation campaigns in Hong Kong | The Wall Street Journal
Google pulled 210 YouTube channels from its platform, saying that they appeared to be part of a coordinated disinformation campaign in response to pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Kate Starbird, professor of human centered design and engineering at the UW, is quoted.
Starbird.Kate  !UWitM  2019  natl  Wall.Street.Journal  College:Engineering  Human.Centered.Design&Engineering 
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Seismic ‘slow-slip’ event happening now, but will it increase the chance of an earthquake? | Q13 FOX News
Seismologists are monitoring a seismic event that they say is happening right now. It’s called a “slow-slip” event. According to the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, this event happens about every 14 months. Harold Tobin, director of PNSN and a UW professor of Earth and space sciences, and Bill Steele, the outreach director for PNSN, are quoted.
Q13  !UWitM  2019  PNSN  earthquakes  regl  Tobin.Harold  College:Environment  Department:Earth&Space.Sciences 
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Preparing for college move-in day | Q13
It's important to check with your students' school to see what they should pack before moving into their dorm. Q13 asked the UW what is and is not allowed in the dorms.
Q13  regl  !UWitM  2019  video  admissions 
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Resource exchange for unsheltered families | KOMO 4
The UW has joined a coalition to help unsheltered families. An event at UW Bothell connected families with school supplies and resources for permanent housing.
KOMO  video  !UWitM  2019  UW:Bothell  regl 
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