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Feuilly has bladder control issues that he can't afford to have treated. Cue desperation!kink during a meeting that ends with public wetting.
status:unfilled  char:feuilly  kink:desperation  kink:watersports 
march 2013 by lesmiskinkmeme
Several Degrees from Ordinary
John is the Daddy who is kind and gentle, who will just offer them a bath and a gentle reassurance if Sherlock and Mycroft wet the bed all over themselves, even if he thinks they did it on purpose, and remind them that they have potty seats right under their bed if they really need to go, and he can show them how if they need a reminder. He'll even let them hold him while he goes, and sit on his lap after.

Lestrade is the Daddy who insists that they learn to make it through dinner and their … [more]
kink:  punishment  kink:  handjob  kink:  oral  sex  rating:  e  pairing:  sherlock/lestrade/mycroft  pairing:  sherlock/john/mycroft  pairing:  sherlock/john  genre:  pwp  kink:  spanking  character:  greg  lestrade  character:  mycroft  holmes  character:  sherlock  holmes  character:  john  watson  kink:  role  play  kink:  watersports/desperation  kink:  body  fluids  kink:  incest  kink:  group  sex  kink:  ageplay/daddy!kink  from delicious
march 2013 by sherlockbbcfic
AU: Mindfang/Vriska/someone, BDSM, Domme mentoring, h/c??
The Setup: Vriska Serket has, for many years, idolized the well-known dominatrix and erotica author Mistress Mindfang. After a lengthy fanmail/internet forum correspondence, Vriska confesses to Mindfang that she's known she has strong Domme tendencies for a long time, but is nervous about Officially Going Kinky. Mindfang agrees to be Vriska's mentor. So far, Vriska's had limited practical experience, it's been mostly watch and learn and daaaaaaaarling tie this knot for me and then I'll teach you… [more]
!15  ;species.swap  [marquise.spinneret.mindfang  [vriska.serket  =first.time  ;  {any/mindfang/vriska  ]human  ]troll  =safeword  =hurt/comfort  =xeno  =female.dom  =female.sub  =male.sub  =threesome  =aftercare  =singing  -het  -f/f/f  -f/f/m  -yuri  any/mindfang  any/vriska  mindfang/vriska  homestuck 
march 2013 by homesmutunfilled
Swollen Full
Probably going to hell for this, but oh well.

I want to see Dean having a huge, massive cock. Not just impossibly long but also fat. It can be that he's always had it or it's a curse or Cas is just feeling incredibly kinky, it doesn't matter.
Now, Cas is a tiny slip of a thing. So when Dean fucks him face-to-face, he can actually see his dick moving under the skin of Cas' belly. Maybe it even bulges out. (Feel free to explain this away with Angel Mojo(TM) or something similar.)

Lots and … [more]
fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/castiel  kink:size  kink:belly 
march 2013 by spnkink_meme
Dad/Roxy, daddy/lg relationship, spanking, riding (poss watersports)
ok so
Dad finds himself facing the seduction of Roxy "only just 18" Lalonde, and not only that but Roxy reveals, maybe while drunk, that she has a HUGE daddy kink. Dad, to his utter horror, finds the idea of a daddy/little relationship really really hot

after working it out, with a lot of guilt on both sides, roxy is quite happily laying herself across dad's lap, spanked until she cries, and then rides him

bonus: despite all the D/s stuff going on, Roxy is STILL definitely the one … [more]
!15  [dad.crocker  [roxy.lalonde  ]human  =daddy/mommy.kink  =spanking  =riding  =crying  =bladder.desperation/watersports/wetting  =male.dom  =female.sub  -het  dad/roxy  homestuck 
march 2013 by homesmutunfilled
The Safeword is "Gwen"
Give me the dirtiest, filthiest porn you can come up with. Watersports, scat, whatever.
*arthur/merlin  author:anon  2012  porn  scat  watersports  daddy.kink  KMM.fills 
march 2013 by claudine
Bruce/Tony - stuck together by science
Bruce and Tony fuck up in the Stark labs, bad. Somehow, they've made it so that they're stuck together; maybe a prototype of something for the suit malfunctioned and clamped down on both of them, or maybe they've accidentally made a super glue, or fused their skin together. In any case, they're suddenly even closer than they were before, and much more intimately involved in each other's lives.

Accidental stimulation is the BEST. All the awkward situations are great, too.

Kinks I would love … [more]
#prompt  §round:009  #unfilled 
march 2013 by avengerkink
Steve, Non-Con, Pavlov's Dog
Baddie of the week captures Steve and keeps him held prisoner through whatever means of your choosing. He then starves Steve, and only feeds him after fucking him. Eventually, he trains Steve to beg to be fucked just to get food.

All the bonus points for any of the following kinks: Humiliation, (Mild) Watersports, Puppy/Pet play, Spanking, or Bondage.
#prompt  §round:009  #unfilled 
march 2013 by avengerkink
Any/Any - comically oversized cocks
After seeing too much artwork and reading too much bad erotica with watermelon-sized dicks and the like, I can't help but ask for this.

Some villainous magic winds up focused on one of the male Avengers's cock, enlarging it to ridiculous proportions. Instead of being a blessing, it's a curse; he can no longer cover it with pants, has trouble even lifting it, and may even be unable to move around on his own due to its size. He needs help using the toilet, getting food (since he can no longer go … [more]
#prompt  §round:009  #unfilled 
march 2013 by avengerkink
Any/Any/Any - kink switch-off
Three characters are in a serious, committed relationship with each other. Sometimes they invite others into bed with them, maybe, but mostly it's just the three of them, cuddling and being adorable and lovey.

Or at least, it's usually like that — but all three of them have a kink that turns one other person in their threesome off. Luckily, the other person in that equation either also enjoys the kink, or is at least willing to accommodate it, so they take turns pairing off and indulging.

In… [more]
#prompt  §round:009  #unfilled 
march 2013 by avengerkink
[Sherlock] Late
Considering how godawful of a patient Sherlock makes, John's really not sure why he decided to let Sherlock be his caretaker. Despite Sherlock's insistence, and the pain meds John was on at the time, he really should have said no.
fandom:Sherlock  kink:watersports  nappies  pairing:John/Sherlock  genre:smut  length:0-5k  author:Anon 
march 2013 by shakka1
Mad Rush Under by Sulwen
“So I can go then?”

Harvey smiles, slowly, and shakes his head. “No.”
@ao3  wc:1500-5000  suits  harvey/mike  d/s  kink:watersports 
march 2013 by nikkitikkitavi
Any/Any (male/male), watersports between buddies, sex work (sort of?)
(MAJOR bonus points if one of the two is Clint.)

Two of the Avengers are buddies — they hang out together, train together, et cetera — but not lovers. One of them is straight. The other one may be gay or not, but is only interested in watersports when it's another man — and really, really wants their friend to piss on/in/around them. So he pays his straight friend to do it.

And that's more or less it. They pal around, and every once in a while one pays the other for his piss. Sometimes … [more]
#prompt  §round:009  #unfilled 
march 2013 by avengerkink
Any/Any/Any, DP and watersports
I suddenly want to combine two of my kinks in a way I've never seen before. Could be Male/Male/Male or Female/Male/Male.

If the one being doubly penetrated is male, I'd like it to be double anal penetration, where at least ONE of the penetrators pisses while both he and the other are inside, especially if there are descriptions of how it feels to the other guy doing the penetrating. Bonus points if the guy being penetrated doesn't intend to pee, but loses control of his bladder when both the … [more]
#prompt  §round:009  #unfilled 
march 2013 by avengerkink
Loki/Avengers (any) Loki seduces the avengers while appearing as other avengers--magical mischief---
I'm dying for some fic where Loki is up to his mischievous self and seduces each of the Avengers as *other* avengers. (for example, it could be Steve being seduced by Loki in Tony form--yay magic!--)

now, i love kink and i'd love to see what Loki would do to screw with the Avengers heads by either giving them what they've secretly desired (ex bruce hearts tony but tony usually has eyes for steve, so loki gives bruce what he wants) or he could just seriously be out for shits and giggles by … [more]
#prompt  §round:009  #unfilled 
march 2013 by avengerkink
Clint/Any (and all), watersports
I want something where the other Avengers ALL entertain Clint's watersports kink.

Maybe a piss-bukkake sort of scene, or they could spend a day using him as a human urinal. Maybe it's a gangbang where they all take turns covering and filling him with piss. Or maybe it's something a bit more involved, like a day where they all got o a (private) beach, spending it naked and just pissing wherever (especially if they have a rule where nobody can retreat to the bathroom, and nobody is allowed to … [more]
#prompt  §round:009  #unfilled 
march 2013 by avengerkink

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