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RT : Hey folks - we all know will never do the right thing here, but maybe one of you will do you…
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Twitch tests a redesigned Xbox One app to match the PS4
Twitch tests a redesigned Xbox One app to match the PS4 Prospective September 11, 2018 at 01:33PM


Last spring, Twitch launched a redesigned game streaming app for the PS4, and now it's testing a similarly upgraded front end for Xbox One. Currently to the Insiders test group, Microsoft said it's showing off three key adjustments:

Live video previews – check out live streams while you browse

Better support for past broadcasts – see chat on offline videos

Improved stability – the Twitch app has been rebuilt from the ground up to improve your viewing experience

Functionally, it's nearly identical to the version currently running on PS4. I gave it a try tonight on my launch Xbox One console, and the app is running more smoothly than the old one did. With video previews pushed up in the UI and menus that pop smoothly into and out of place, it runs more like Microsoft's own Mixer app, while some users report it now supports low-latency streaming with a 1-3 second delay.

I tried some broadcasting as well and the only difference I noticed is that it supports a bitrate of up to 6,500kbps. It works smoothly enough that I'd expect to see a wide release sooner rather than later, but anyone in the Insider program can try it out now by opening the beta program's hub app and looking under Insider content. Engadget September 11, 2018 at 01:33PM
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RT : 授乳中の子うさぎ🤱🐰
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Econet awarded IBC Judges honour for TV everywhere | Industry Trends | IBC
Econet awarded IBC Judges honour for TV everywhere September 11, 2018 at 07:29AM

Econet awarded IBC Judges honour for TV everywhere  IBC365Full coverage

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via Raleigh Business News - Local Raleigh News | The Triangle Business Journal
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Namibia: We Are Not Crazy for Loans - Geingob -
Namibia:We Are Not Crazy for Loans - Geingob September 11, 2018 at 07:28AM [Namibian] President Hage Geingob yesterday said the government was "not crazy" for sourcing foreign loans to fund infrastructure development; but the intention is to create jobs. via AllAfrica News: External Relations
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cost $ 0 to say:

• thank you
• sorry
• excuse me
• it was my fault
• please
• give me money


• 有難う…
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Earth First! – Funding sources, staff profiles, and political agenda - Activist Facts
“We thought it would have been useful to have a group to take a tougher position than the Sierra Club and the Wilderness Society,” Foreman remembers. “It could be sort of secretly controlled by the mainstream and trotted out at hearings to make the Sierra Club or Wilderness Society look moderate.”

In his own book, Confessions of an Eco-Warrior, Foreman brags: “A major accomplishment of Earth First! … has been to expand the environmental spectrum to where the Sierra Club and other groups are perceived as moderates.” Foreman made the same point to Audubon magazine in 1982: “When I call the Sierra Club ‘namby pamby,’ that is done consciously to negate what [Secretary of the Interior James] Watt says when he calls them extremists.”

In the same Audubon article, long-time Sierra Club executive director and Foreman mentor David Brower argued: “The people that are easily named extreme make the people who were extreme seem suddenly reasonable.” Brower told E magazine:

The Sierra Club made the Nature Conservancy look reasonable. I founded Friends of the Earth to make the Sierra Club look reasonable. Then I founded Earth Island Institute to make Friends of the Earth look reasonable. Earth First! now makes us look reasonable. We’re still waiting for someone else to come along and make Earth First! look reasonable.
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Your mates make money when it's privatised, hoover cash out until it goes broke and then get consultancy f…
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Oris's New Recycled Watch Strap Is Really Radical | Digital Trends
Radical Oris watch strap is made from recycled plastics, and it looks great
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Kate has “board member of beyondblue” in her profile

It is tragic that she doesn’t recognise the impact platformin…
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@CreativeBloq : Less than 24 hours to go until @Apple's latest iPhone launch. Here's everything we know about the new device. (via Twitter
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To all those we lost because of this day and all those that serve to protect us. We will never forget. RIP my frien…
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10 days ago by TracyWMeyer
When you get kicked out of the groupchat
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Happy anniversary to the day Trump bragged about his building being the tallest in NYC after the World Trade Center…
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10 days ago by miaeaton
Surprise Examination - Skalidra - DCU (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Jason's in need of some background paperwork for a new identity, and given his more limited finances, he decides to get them legitimately. He's definitely not expecting the doctor that comes in for his examination though.
genre:pwp  kink:medical-kink  kink:examination  char:jason-todd  wc:1k5k  type:fic  f:dcu  trope:unexpected-meetings/encounters  pairing:jason/tim  relationship:established-relationship  char:tim-drake  author:Skalidra  trope:occupation(doctor)  kink:sub!jason  trope:undercover  kink:roleplay  pov:jason-todd  genre:smut 
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10 days ago by jah_shwa
Is het nu 'wit' of 'zwart'? Ik volg niet meer. 🤡
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10 days ago by gelerobbie
Owaisi started rolling back to front today and now its all he wants to do
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