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RT : Are you a design leader with the passion for designing developer experiences? We are looking for a leader for the B…
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10 days ago by leisa
The threat is increasing for potentially extreme and life-threatening flooding and other impacts for our region as #Florence approaches later this week and through the weekend. Now is the time to prepare. Visit for more. #HurricanePrep
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10 days ago by WFreeland
#PeoplesMonday for #BothamShemJean ending in Times Square NYC with the words of Assata! #BothamJean #BlackLivesMatter
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10 days ago by WFreeland
Hurricanes |
This page explains what actions to take when you receive a hurricane watch or warning alert from the National Weather Service for your local area. It also provides tips on what to do before, during, and after a hurricane. Hurricane watch = conditions possible within the next 48 hrs.
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10 days ago by WFreeland
Life-threatening freshwater flooding is likely from Hurricane #Florence. Impacts could extend hundreds of miles away from the center. Remember, 1 out of every 4 hurricane-related deaths are due to freshwater flooding.
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10 days ago by WFreeland
Overseas people trying to understand Australian cartoonists, start here:
1. Cartoonist Bill Leak fell off a balcony…
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10 days ago by akalin
So @fullstackradio is closing in on 2 million downloads! Last month was the best month ever at 82,562 listens, crazy how something can grow if you're consistent about it Thanks to everyone who subscribes to the show, just about 4 years in and still having a blast!
10 days ago by gzhihao
RT : Really good thread if you want to get into the weeds of Buckley, National Review & racism. I learned a lot from it!
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10 days ago by delong
Just got the message that the car accident (remember that?) resulted in a total loss. Great. Fucking shopping for c…
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10 days ago by jbfink
What companies mean by culture fit - Triplebyte Blog
Good article on "culture fit" and some of the unconscious biases
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10 days ago by dgibbons
GNOME (et al): Rotting In Threes | IgnorantGuru's Blog
Since SpaceFM is entering the GTK3 realm (SpaceFM can now be built on anything from GTK 2.18 “I won’t give up my lenny!” thru GTK 3.6.x), I’m starting to hear more feedback about GTK3 and experiencing a few things for myself. While SpaceFM’s GTK3 port has been running very well with the few non-broken themes I could find, there are some intrinsic problems with any GTK3 app due to GTK’s poor maintenance, as well as a growing culture of enforced conformity from GNOME devs
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10 days ago by themagicteeth
I love me a grimy bridge story.
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10 days ago by andriak
RT : Harris' spox's excuse to Politifaxt is that J. Kavanaugh did not immediately condemn the plaintiffs' view when he s…
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10 days ago by joshcvt
“black girls don’t like good guys. They prefer thugs with tattoos”
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10 days ago by rjeli
Considering the diversity of the state, it is critical at this moment in history to have statewide leaders who have…
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10 days ago by brianb722
Ya'll. Nobody told me there's a documentary film out about Studio Ghibli called "The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness"…
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10 days ago by Smokler
(وقل جاء الحق وزهق الباطل إن الباطل كان زهوقا) [الإسراء:81]
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10 days ago by dcolanduno
电力市场交易行情 - 大云网电力交易平台
10 days ago by microhoo
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10 days ago by carios
The Power Of Expectations : Shots - Health News : NPR
We do know that handling rats and handling them more gently can actually increase the performance of rats," Rosenthal explains.

Subsequent research found that a similar dynamic can happen in people, too. If you have lower expectations of someone, your body language will reflect it: You may stand farther from them, or make less eye contact, for instance, says Carol Dweck, a psychologist at Stanford.
10 days ago by dusko
RT : 📽The ‘Want You’ video goes live on VEVO tomorrow 💙🙌🙏 x 📽
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10 days ago by ditisstefan
dafeng cao
“Truly god view, Jilin-1 video satellite shot @OneSpace01 OS-X1 suborbital rocket's launch at JSLC this noon.”
10 days ago by jacobraleigh
In Road To Qt, Audacious Switches From GTK3 Back To GTK2 - Phoronix
The popular Audacious open-source audio player was ported to GNOME's GTK+ 3.x tool-kit, but now developers have decided to move back to their GTK2 user-interface port while ultimately they are planning for a Qt version.
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10 days ago by themagicteeth
By the way, this gif made by WillowW is conceptually perfect - it shows everything you need…
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10 days ago by nikete
RT : Version 1.1.0 of the Coding Standards is out:

Most significant cha…
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10 days ago by netweb
Mitch Miller - Our Promise To You: By the time you finish reading...
"Our Promise To You:

By the time you finish reading this post, you'll be armed with a new weapon.

Because I'm going to reveal the secret reasons someone pays

- $10,000 for a purse
- $400,000 for a car
- $300 for a steak
- $200 for a pair of socks
- $42,000 for a watch

...and why knowing these reasons can be a big key to making YOU enough money to buy all of those things if you choose!

I'll let you in on something expensive luxury brands would never dare tell you.

In fact, I don't think anybody you know has ever told you this. Yet knowing it will give you a new found clarity, and draw out a deeper confidence from within yourself you never realized you had.

We all want to feel important. More accurately stated: We want to feel more important than the person next to us (though few of us will ever admit it).

As Will Durant wrote about in his 11 volume masterpiece "The Story Of Civilization"

(If you haven't read Durant's work you are ABSOLUTELY missing out. Prepare to have your mind blown:

Anyway, as Will wrote, the human species is hardwired for competition - it is part of our biology and instincts.

Even what we call collaboration is simply a higher form of competition between clusters of people competing against other clusters of people toward some common goal.

Life is competition and luxury brands know this. Comparisons and competition is why we have something called status.

Without a hierarchy, status wouldn't exist. But there is a hierarchy, there is a totem pole, and we are always looking for our place on it.

Who is a better marketer, Gary V or Frank Kern? Kobe vs MJ? Apple or Android, Canada vs Australia, my muscles vs his muscles, are her boobs better than my boobs, and on and on and on and on.

I mean, the act of thinking itself is mostly the brain asking/answering questions, and making comparisons.

None of us are above it. I'll get to the big luxury brand secret in a second but I need to setup the foundation for you - because once you really get what I am saying, you will almost instantly reach the next level as a marketer.

It's a bold claim but I am making it. Once this insight hits you, there's no coming back - you can't unhear this stuff!

Let's agree that at least biologically, the human species only wants to do one thing: Survive. It's the same with any species actually. Do you think bears are biologically designed to be happy or successful?

There is no such thing as bear college. A bear does not hibernate for fun. All the bear wants to do biologically is survive long enough to make a baby so the species can live on. And the same goes with us.

Our wiring, instincts, and drives could care less if we are happy, comfortable, or own a red Maserati. It wants to survive and reproduce.

Is there something more to this life spiritually?

Probably, I think yes - but we still live in this world and as long as we do, we still have biological drives... and marketers know how to tap into those drives and push our buttons.

Circling back to the beginning of this post - since survival is the name of the game, and it's the fittest who survive, it is safe to say the people with the highest status have the highest chances of survival.

Higher status means more access to money, food, shelter, mates, etc...

We crave things that can raise our status and we run from things that can lower it.

The funny thing about what raises status and what lowers it in society is always the same UNDERNEATH IT ALL:

Power, confidence, money, intelligence, sex appeal etc... but the surface level status markers change and they change with the times and they also change geographically, occupationally, situationally.
For example...

Fat pale women were "in" a couple hundred years ago. Why? Because it meant they were well fed, ie: Rich, ie: high status. And they were pale because it meant they weren't working in the fields like someone with low status would.

Fat pale women would have been on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine!

In 2017, Asians are dying to be white in order to be high status, yet white women are dying to be tanned so they can be higher status. When they come to each other's countries they don't know what to think anymore. Which one is the REAL high status? Obviously there isn't "one".

That means there's actually NONE. Underneath it all anyway.

It's no surprise we buy and do almost everything we do to raise our status. But on the flip side, our behavior, and risk tolerance is highly dependent on not losing the precious status we've already built up.

We are deathly afraid to lose status - in Asia, they call this "losing face". In many Asian cultures if you purposely make someone "lose face" they may actually murder you, or commit suicide.

Understand that one of the biggest losses in status comes from public embarrassment and criticism. The fear of being ridiculed is almost the same as the fear of death! It's why public speaking is ranked up there with it!

This is why we conform, fit in, and stay within the herd. BUTTTTTTTTT paradoxically, we NEED to feel unique, and special. And in order to do that, we must stand out... There's a big conflict here because that is a massive risk biologically.

Now, the reason we feel the fear is because our biology thinks we could be killed (because back in the day if you were kicked out from your small tribe, you were as good as dead), but now you just get kicked out of a Facebook group and "it sucks for a bit".

To put it simply: Loss of status = death.

This brings me to the big secret of why people will buy luxury items even when they can buy similar alternatives for far less money. I'll give you two reasons - the first reason is the obvious one, and the second one is the secret reason I wanted to reveal to you today.

1. We buy the right to feel superior to others, and when we compare, we can feel we are higher on the status totem pole.


When people buy the bling they think they are above the possible criticism because there is safety in the high status of the item itself.

That's why you'll see Gucci clothing looking so outrageous yet people will NOT pay 10x less for similar fashion because it's too risky because it's not brand name - the luxury brand name exists to give people permission to stand out!

So the brand name is basically selling people their own self confidence back to them at a 3000% markup when all you had to do was give YOURSELF the permission to turn WHATEVER you are wearing into a brand name because the real truth is... Louis Vuitton isn't a douchebag, you just let him define you... you can buy someone else's brand... You can buy Louis Vuitton... but you don't need to be their brand... you already are the best brand in the world if you'd just own it."
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10 days ago by daguti


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10 days ago by kumiab
Arsonist caught on video setting fire to Planned Parenthood building in California - ABC News
Favorite tweet:

FBI offers $10,000 reward for information leading to arrest of arsonist caught on video setting fire to a Planned Parenthood building in California.

— ABC News (@ABC) September 10, 2018
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10 days ago by chetan
RT : This is my last week . It’s been quite a ride!

No idea what I’ll be doing next. I’ve been applying modern s…
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10 days ago by ripienaar
How Uber is making traffic even worse
Why did cities restrict taxis through use of medallions again? We get to learn all the same lessons all over again. Because disruption.
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10 days ago by jefframnani
A nice reframe for anyone who has ever received a rejection letter... 😆Thanks for sharing this on…
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10 days ago by atonaltensor
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