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«Jeg erindrede iblandt Andet hvert Ord, jeg havde talt med…
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it has not been adequately studied and profiting off a way to let unlicensed medical practitioners give…
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10 days ago by riking
ACURA: Dealers expect 'huge' success with new RDX
Acura unveiled a prototype of the 2019 RDX crossover that's slated for a mid-2018 release. The revamped RDX will hit the market as the first Acura fully developed under an edgier design direction first relayed with the Precision Concept at the 2016 Detroit auto show.

Hanania, chairman of the Acura National Dealer Advisory Board, said the unveiling felt like a rock concert.
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10 days ago by automotive
i can show you the xrays and spine problems that resulted from my time at twitter.

tl;dr: if your bos…
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10 days ago by whip_lash
"The is a moral agenda that aligns with the Women's March Unity Principles.... Together, we ch…
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Typographic ligature - Wikipedia
"In writing and typography, a ligature occurs where two or more graphemes or letters are joined as a single glyph."
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10 days ago by jwh
This week in tech, 20 years ago: May 12th, 1998 - The Verge
The launch of the iMac plus this gem:

“The life of a spammer is no bowl of cybercherries.” This the delightful opening of The New York Times’ May 7th article on junk email purveyors and their enemies, written shortly after the temporary retirement of “Spam King” Sanford Wallace.
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10 days ago by sandykoe
VOLVO: Poised for big year of growth and change
Matthew Haiken, chairman of the Volvo Retail Advisory Board, says Volvo Cars' rising tide should lift all boats, especially those of its U.S. dealers.

Haiken, 35, is the general manager of Prestige Volvo in East Hanover, N.J., a dealership his father started in 1980 that has become one of the largest Volvo retailers in the U.S.
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10 days ago by automotive
Hey thanks a lot for The Flask Mega Tutorial! It's AMAZING!!!!
If you guys want to know more:…
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10 days ago by rukku | Gov. Cooper wants to give teachers 8% raise
Gov. Cooper: “My budget starts with teachers because schools are the focal point.”
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10 days ago by andriak
Never had some many offended stares than wearing this t-shirt on my travels
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10 days ago by hopeless
MERCEDES-BENZ: Dealers want more work on profitability
Increasing store profits has been the Mercedes-Benz Dealer Board's top goal in recent years. Final 2017 numbers aren't in, but overall profitability didn't likely change, said Greg Barnes, chairman of the Mercedes-Benz Dealer Board.

"You had 2016 on par with 2015, and '17 on par with '16," said Barnes, president of Bill Ussery Motors Group in Coral Gables, Fla., which operates two South Florida Mercedes stores. "Certainly that says we're still looking for improvement in '18."
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10 days ago by automotive
The Seven Dwarfs of Public Transport (from )
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10 days ago by linkmachinego
“Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who…
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10 days ago by dtomoff
A time lapse reveals the fascinating details of how a snowflake forms
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10 days ago by miaeaton
13 Small Business Email Examples and Templates | ThriveHive
Building a relationship with prospective customers through email marketing can be a tricky task. There’s a fine line between spamming your target audience’s inbox and driving engagement.
10 days ago by pfhawkins
Cadillac dealers adjust to Project Pinnacle, await XT4 crossover
Churchill, dealer principal at Frank Kent Cadillac in Fort Worth, Texas, said the biggest changes include weighting of CSI scores, retail sales objectives and other requirements of the program such as roadside assistance.

He also noted more transparency on incentives and an ad campaign that debuted this month as changes that should benefit Cadillac dealers, as they await an influx of new crossovers beginning with the compact XT4, which is scheduled to debut next week in New York City.
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10 days ago by automotive
Alum Denia Perez Aims to Change Regulations Barring DACA Recipients from Practicing Law
CONNECTICUT LAW TRIBUNE/YAHOO FINANCE -- Perez graduated from San Francisco State University in 2012 with a degree in Women and Gender Studies before attending Quinnipiac. Now a New Haven resident, she told the Connecticut Law Tribune many people are unaware of the obstacles to U.S. citizenship.

“The immigration laws are complicated,” she said. “You can get a green card if you qualify as a refugee or based on humanitarian reasons. Those are often done on a case-by-case basis.”
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10 days ago by sfstatelca
Wasn’t my first choice in color lol but ya girl got a new car for the LA streets.

I’m most proud of the fact that…
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10 days ago by DocDre
python - PyYAML dump format - Stack Overflow
Use ruamel.yaml instead.

Library Fight! A Tale of Two Libraries
PyYAML is effectively dead and has been for several years. To compound matters, the official project home at appears to have been taken down recently. This site hosted the PyYAML issue tracker, documentation, and downloads. As of this writing, all are gone. This is nothing short of calamitous. Welcome to just another day in open-source.

ruamel.yaml is actively maintained. Unlike PyYAML, ruamel.yaml supports:

YAML <= 1.2. PyYAML only supports YAML <= 1.1. This is vital, as YAML 1.2 intentionally breaks backward compatibility with YAML 1.1 in several edge cases. This would usually be a bad thing. In this case, this renders YAML 1.2 a strict superset of JSON. Since YAML 1.1 is not a strict superset of JSON, this is a good thing.
Roundtrip preservation. When calling yaml.dump() to dump a dictionary loaded by a prior call to yaml.load():
PyYAML naively ignores all input formatting – including comments, ordering, quoting, and whitespace. Discarded like so much digital refuse into the nearest available bit bucket.
ruamel.yaml cleverly respects all input formatting. Everything. The whole stylistic enchilada. The entire literary shebang. All.
Library Migration: The Trail of Code Tears
Since ruamel.yaml is a PyYAML fork and hence conforms to the PyYAML API, switching from PyYAML to ruamel.yaml in existing applications is typically as simple as replacing all instances of this:

# This imports PyYAML. Stop doing this.
import yaml
...with this:

# This imports "ruamel.yaml". Always do this.
from ruamel import yaml
That's it.

No other changes should be needed. The yaml.load() and yaml.dump() functions should continue to behave as expected – with the added benefits of now supporting YAML 1.2 and actively receiving bug fixes.
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10 days ago by cnk
10 days ago by reagan2000
CHEVY: Dealers want to keep the momentum going
The popular crossovers combined for about 20 percent of the brand's sales in 2017, while the Silverado remains the "backbone of Chevrolet" at 14 percent of sales, said Chevrolet National Dealer Council Chairman Mike Bowsher.
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10 days ago by automotive
RT : This











June 11





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10 days ago by jasongregori
SUBARU: Ascent brings expectations to new heights
The Ascent will be a critical component for Subaru's continued sales growth in the U.S. and bringing new customers to the brand, says Wally Sommer, president of Sommer's Subaru in Mequon, Wis.

Sommer, 62, is in his first year of a two-year term as chairman of the Subaru National Retailer Advisory Board.
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10 days ago by automotive
tl;dr: People take longer to exit parking spaces if there are people waiting; and longer yet if people honk. Men le…
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10 days ago by ampressman
RT : In Gaza today, fellow was shot in the legs – deploying open source tourniquets.

The param…
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10 days ago by singlecelled
Esistono tanti tipi di vidogiocatore. Oggi vi proponiamo il completista, quello ossessionato da trofei e obiettivi…
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10 days ago by Tanzen
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