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RPS - Andrew/Jesse - wedding fic!
Now that equal marriage has been legalized in New York state, what better time is there for Jesse and Andrew to get married? Everyone's excited: Jesse, Andrew, the entire Eisenberg clan, Emma, Carey, Armie, Joe, Fincher, Sorkin, Rob and Kristen (though no one is more excited than Justin Timberlake who calls dibs on performing at the reception).

Here's the catch: Andrew's family, back in England, doesn't know that his boyfriend is Jesse Eisenberg; furthermore, they don't even know he's gay. Sure, he could just tell them, but what kind of romantic comedy ever takes the straight-forward route?

("How do they not know that we were dating?"

"I told them I was dating a Jesse, and they assumed it was a girl!"

"You didn't correct them?"

"They think that everyone I know in New York is called Jesse."

"Couldn't you just tell them now?"

"Jess, my parents have two children. One of them is a doctor who keeps giving them very cute and well-behaved grandkids. The other one just spent the last six months pretending he was a comic book character. It may be a little too late just to tell them.")

Cue misunderstandings and hijinks, cumulating in a big, gay, fabulous wedding.
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Overview | NeoPixels on Raspberry Pi | Adafruit Learning System
Adafruit guide on using WS2812B strips with Raspberry Pi.
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Artsy Fartsy
from peoplenevernoticeart
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Could we have more ageplay please? Look at adorable Jesse! (Sans the wig, of course.)

Can be sexual or not.
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Book Symposium: Democracy in Chains – Policy Trajectories
"…I wish MacLean had written a different book. I find Democracy in Chains, as it is actually written, hard to defend. But it touches on two themes that deserve books of their own—books written with equal power as the one MacLean has produced, but that are written as history rather than polemic." -- Elizabeth Popp Berman rips MacLean's book, while insisting that the scientific agenda keeps anti-democratic thought and libertarianism as an enabler of racism as topics worthy of investigation. Spot on. Via Béatrice on Twitter.
1 minute ago by phnk
Jesse/Andrew; Dr. Horrible
Armie (Captain Hammer) and awkward, mostly unsuccessful evil genius Jesse both want Andrew for themselves.
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1 minute ago by aroceu
Character A just can't keep their hands off Sean when he's wearing his glasses and talking business.
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Kantu Browser Automation - Google Chromeの操作を記録して自動再生 MOONGIFT
Kantu Browser Automation - Google Chromeの操作を記録して自動再生 via Instapaper
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[RPF] Andrew/Jesse, counter sex.
Unestablished relationship, preferably.

Imagine it: Jesse cooking like the little housemaid he is, and Andrew just can't take it. Jesse's wearing his glasses, of course, and Andrew breaks.

And then there is sex. Hot, dirty sex. On a counter.
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2 minutes ago by aroceu
Sarah Drasner 🌴 on Twitter: "Unpopular opinion: I don't want one framework to "win". I'm pretty happy getting to choose based on my needs & them learning from eachother"
@sarah_edo: "Unpopular opinion: I don't want one framework to "win". I'm pretty happy getting to choose based on my needs & them learning from eachother"

Unpopular opinion: I don't want one framework to "win". I'm pretty happy getting to choose based on my needs & them learning from eachother

— Sarah Drasner 🌴 (@sarah_edo) August 24, 2017
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3 minutes ago by icco
RPF Andrew/Jesse, Fake!Andrew/Emma
Jesse is a very intelligent and rational human being, but he is also someone who is plagued with self-doubt. So when he sees the gossip about Andrew and Emma hooking up, those doubts take over his common sense and what should be a silly rumor turns into Undeniable Truth and all the confidence he had worked up to finally make a move is now shot to hell.

And then the boys angst over each other until Emma finally tells Jesse what a complete moron he is and then there is fluff and rainbows.
#andrew/jesse  #andrew/emma  _unfilled 
3 minutes ago by aroceu
RPF Andrew/Jesse
The story of how they end up together told entirely from a third person POV. I love Emma or a TSN castmate for the third person but would also be interesting if it were someone totally unexpected (but please not one of the girlfriends).
#andrew/jesse  _unfilled 
3 minutes ago by aroceu
How to sell covered calls - Fidelity Investments
How to sell covered calls - Fidelity Investments via Instapaper
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Andrew is very touchy-feely with his male co-stars. Jesse doesn't know this so he starts to think that Andrew has feelings for him and he likes Andrew a lot. So one day he tells Andrew and Andrew is all, "Aw, Jess, I'm so so so sorry but I don't feel the same way but I still really really like you as a friend." Jesse is pretty much okay with it but then Andrew starts to realize that maybe he does like Jesse as more than just a friend.
#andrew/jesse  _unfilled 
3 minutes ago by aroceu
Scan The World - MyMiniFactory
Roman Emperors Money Michelangelo
4 minutes ago by rwhe
something wicked this way comes | Thealmostrhetoricalquestion
Magnus Bane, the guy Alec's had an embarrassing crush on for about six years, is swearing at a book that sits just out of reach.

Magnus Bane, the guy who doesn't know that Alec exists.

Until now, apparently.

**||** [9.885 words]

class:Fic  fan:Shadowhunters  pair:Magnus/Alec  rating:PG  admin:Unread  length:100-15.000  via:jerakeen 
4 minutes ago by blueMeridian
[RPF] Andrew/Jesse Drama School AU
Basically; Andrew is a third year acting student at drama school in London, Jesse arrives as a one year international acting student (living with Emma b/c how could I not?). They meet, prance around doing theatre things, feeling emerge and so on.
Split into three terms, so it's going to be kinda long and probably not that great but what can you do.
#andrew/jesse  _filled  _filled!wip 
4 minutes ago by aroceu
[RPF] Andrew/Jesse, at Hogwarts
I've seen so many tsn prompts and fills with Mark and Eduardo getting sorted and such, but I've always preferred RPF anyway. Don't care where you put them, just MAKE IT HAPPEN, ANONS.

The kink would be... I dunno, mentioning Harry Potter Canonverse during sex? during lead up to sex? no sex at all but just mentioned in conversation?


#andrew/jesse  _unfilled 
5 minutes ago by aroceu
[RPF] Andrew/Jesse, Sailormoon AU, CRACK ALERT!!!
Oh my god, this is probably the crackiest prompt ever! Please don't judge me! (Ah, the benefits of being anon)

So I don't know how popular Sailormoon was in the USA, or over the world for that matter, but it was HUGELY, but I mean, insanely popular in my country (and I'm European, so...), but I hope I'm not making a fool out of myself and someone out there knows what I'm talking about.

Soooo, on with the prompt. The other day I had a fit of nostalgia and revisited my favorite childhood cartoons on youtube, and Sailormoon was by far my favourite, and as I was watching and laughing my ass off, I was totally "Oh my god, tuxedo mask is such an Andrew, trying to protect Sailormoon (which in this scenario would be Jesse) from the world, but also being kind of clueless" and then I had a revelation along the lines of OH MY GOD THAT WOULD BE THE AWESOMEST CRACKIEST FIC EVER!!!!!

So I see Jesse as being the insecure self-deprecating super hero hero, always doubting himself and saving everybody kinda on accident, and then Andrew comes, wearing the sharpest suit ever to rescue at the very last moment, but in real life always picking on Jesse and making him feel unconfortable (but also tingly inside :D). I'm cracking myself up just thinking about it!

And then all these other people could be the other sailors, and I'll leave that to the author. Although, I totally see Emma as Mars (all feisty and moody). And Carey as Mercury (all mellow and cute, but super smart). Joe wold also be an excellent Venus. Oh Lord all the possibilities, I don't even know!
#andrew/jesse  _unfilled 
6 minutes ago by aroceu
Mark/Someone or Eduardo/Mark or Eduardo/someone c or Andrew/Jesse
"Everything is perfect. I've never felt this way about anyone before."

"i have."


"ive felt that way before... About you."
#!any/mark  #!any/eduardo  #eduardo/mark  #andrew/jesse  _unfilled 
6 minutes ago by aroceu
Anything with Mark sitting between Eduardo's legs.
#eduardo/mark  _filled  _filled!completed 
7 minutes ago by aroceu
Eduardo gives Mark a blowjob/handjob then licks the come from his belly.
In the second round Mark comes on Eduardo's face and licks it off too.
#eduardo/mark  _unfilled 
8 minutes ago by aroceu
UNFILLED: Any/Any - magical growth
While out on an easy mission, just the two (or three, or four) of them, these characters* get hit with a strange spell. They don't quite realize what it's doing until they're back home (Hawke's mansion, or Fenris's, or the Hanged Man, etc.) and... their clothes are just a little too tight? They realize they're an inch or two taller, but it's not like they're being stretched thinner; they're just getting steadily, slowly, proportionally larger. And, uh, hornier. Really, really horny.

*Any combination of F!, M!, or NB!Hawke, Merrill, Isabela, Aveline, Fenris, or a different NPC if you're feeling it. Only squicks are bathroom play and incest, although this is inherently dubcon because it's magic
prompt:unfilled  dragon_age:2  character:any_male  character:any_female  pairing:any_character_any_character  kink:growth 
10 minutes ago by dragonage_kink
[crossover] Eduardo/Mark (The middleman)
After the depositions, Eduardo somehow ends up in a situation involving the abnormal - Maybe some more of the zombie trout (WHY IS IT ALWAYS TROUT?).

Cue Eduardo being the new Middle apprentice and Wendy being really amused by him. And then they have to solve something at the FB offices/where Mark et al come across them.

(He could have been in Singapore for training! IDEK.)

#eduardo/mark  _unfilled 
10 minutes ago by aroceu
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